Aadhyathmik Karuppu Sami Karuppasamy Karuppannan Karuppu Swamy Idol in Brass 2.5 Inch God of Protection – S946358


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Approximate Weight: 88 Grams

Approximate Dimension: 3Lx2Bx7H in cm

Material: Brass

Color: Yellow



Karuppu Sami is one of the regional Tamil male deities popular among the rural social groups of Tamil Nadu and parts of Kerala. He is one of the 21 associate folk-deities of Ayyanar and is hence one of the so-called Kaval Deivams of the Tamils. Karuppanar worship is a very ancient ancestral clan-based worship system. Most officiating priests are non-Brahmins and derive from local lineages that had initiated the cult generations ago. The worship pattern is non-Vedic or non-Agamic through folk tales, songs and arts (Villu pattu, Karakattam, Koothu etc.). The local priest might offer flowers or vibuthi (holy ash) to the worshippers and may play the role of an oracle for Shamanism. Various persons within the clan system are identified to play to the role of oracle on annual turn basis. They undertake vradham and maintain chastity and purity during the period. During the festivals, oracles get into trance state (Saami aadudhal) and deliver counselling messages to the group assembled there without bias. The normal problems addressed are family problems, financial troubles and local community and social issues for resolving within the community group with the agreement of local ancestral god through oracle. Whenever the wishes of the people are granted, they give their offerings to Him based on what they vowed to offer. Karuppu Sami is also worshipped in Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Suriname, Guadeloupe, and Martinique under the name Dee Baba, Maangadu Karupu, or Sangili Karuppar. Offerings of cigarettes, camphor, biscuits, butter, cloves, ghee, and alcohol as well as a sacrifice of a black chicken or goat are made to him here. Karuppu Sami temple is mostly found in the outskirts of the Village. Usually, the whole village contributes to the maintenance of the temple. These temples do not have traditional Gopurams and have large statues of Gods with large eyes, holding weapons like bow and arrow, swords, aruval and others protective weapons. There will also be statues of 7 Kannimaar goddesses (7 virgins) and animals, often a hunting dog, a lion and horse.


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