Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi Prathyangira Devi Narasimhi Narashimhika Copper Coin For Black Magic and Protection 1inch 5 grams – A3054-01




  • It protects the chanter like a shield from all negative forces and dangers.
  • It is the destroyer of enemies.
  • It removes the fears of the enemies and subdues them when they try to act against you.
  • It Clears the confusions and stresses of the mind and promotes Clarity of vision and the power of making the right judgement in any situation.
  • It Enhances the will power, self – confidence, and empowers one to complete their professional tasks to perfection.
  • Clears the hurdles to progress and moves the ventures to completion.
  • Assures safe journey and prevents accidents.
  • It mainly destroyes the dristi dosh or the effect of evil eyes.
  • Helps the individual develop some extra-sensory perception or clairvoyance to perceive the danger that is coming in future and stay prepared to combat it successfully.