S921118 – Aadhyathmik Saraswathi Yantra Yantram Yendram In Copper for Education and Knowledge 3inch 18 grams




  • This Yantra provides knowledge, education, music, creativity, spirituality, artistic expression and education.
  • It improves focus, awareness, grasping power, memory and provides peace of mind.
  • It benefits with positive thoughts and attitude.
  • It removes all hurdles related to career and education.
  • It helps one achieve success in career and education.
  • Saraswathi Yantra is perfect for students.
  • It helps them to study with concentration, interest and gives results of good scores in exams.
  • It makes education, gathering Knowledge an easy process with its powerful support.
  • Good marks, high social status, promotions and business developments are easily obtained.
  • Saraswati Yantra will remove all the obstacles to progress.


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02 Inch, 03 Inch