Aadhyathmik Nageswari Yantra Yantram Yendram In Copper to win over your enemies and rivals 3inch 18 grams – A2151


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  • To win over your enemies and rivals.
  • Gives you the strength and courage.
  • To avoid as well as negate all kinds of ill effects, curses, spells and black magic.
  • To avoid as well as negate all kinds of Naga dosha, Kala Sarpa dosha, Sarpa dosha as well as Rahu dosha and Kethu dosha.
  • It also prevents ill luck, evil – eyes, nightmares and protection from evil spirits and curses.
  • Jealousies, rivalries, and destructive competitors will be vanished.
  • It also blesses a person and his/her family with success, victory, good fortune, good health, lot’s of wealth, and peace.
  • It protects the foetus in the womb and for a safe baby delivery.
  • Childless couple can also seek the blessings of the goddess.
  • Single men/woman are blessed with compatible wife/husband with good character.
  • He/She will not be harmed or attacked by any poisonous snakes.