Lord of Six Faces Lord Murugan Arumugam Kartikeya Skanda KumaraSubrahmanya Brass Idol – S903318


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Approximate Weight: 2200 Grams

Approximate Dimension: 16.5Lx9Bx26H in cm

Material: Brass

Color: Yellow



Lord of Six Faces

Murugan is popularly depicted as having six faces and twelve arms. The poets like to address Him as “Arumugan” – Lord of Six Faces.


The sacred functions of Murugan as having six faces are described as thus:


One face sheds rays of Light and removes the dense darkness shrouding the world;

One face with gracious look lovingly showers boons on his devotees who praise Him with Love and Joy;

One face watches over the sacrifices of the Brahmans who perform them without deviating from the strict Vedic traditions;

One face like full moon, which brightens all the quarters of the world, lights the sages’ minds to enable them to search for hidden Truth;

One face with raging heart performs battle-sacrifice-destroy His enemies and

One face smiles lovingly on His young consort, the pretty daughter of the hunting tribe.


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