Kurma Vishnu Avatar Green Colour Therapy Ring Sani Dosh Nivaran Ring – A4504


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Approximate Weight: 4 Grams

Approximate Dimension: 2.2Lx2.5Bx1.8H in cm

Material: Metal

Color: Multi



Kurma is second avatar of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu took the form of a half-man half-tortoise, the lower half being a tortoise. He is normally shown as having four arms. He sat on the bottom of the ocean after the Great Flood. A mountain was placed on his back by the other gods so that they could churn the sea and find the ancient treasure of the vedic peoples. He was granted boon by Lord Shani., that anyone who worships this form will not be affected by Saturn malefic. So hence people wearing this ring will not be affected by Saturn malefic (Sani dosh nivaran ring).


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