Vastu Swastik with 52 Energy Pyramids – A0812-04


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Approximate Weight: 32 Grams

Approximate Dimension: 5Lx0.5Bx6H in cm

Material: Metal

Color: Yellow



Swastik is one of the best solution to all vastu problems.This unique swastik is an auspicious symbol of fortune & wellness. The multipurpose Pyramid Vastu Swastik can use to bring prosperity, success & fast progress at home & workplace (ideal for all homes, office, shops & factory).Swastik Pyramid is the sign of lord Ganesha and pyramids are embossed on it .You can fix it on the outer wall of your house or room. This Swastik Pyramid not only brings positive energy but also brings Good Luck to the person as well as remove all obstacles in all undertaking.The Swastik symbol has been used for thousands of years already in almost all human civilizations as a sign for good luck, protection, as a materialisation of life and the changing seasons of the year. The word SWASTIK stems from the Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language: SVASTIKAH, which means ‘being happy’. In India the word is related to things of good fortune because it means being happy. The cause of all life and all manifestations of life is movement. The incessant movement of the universe continuously brings forth new things. This goes for the earth as well, which is in constant rotation, as are the suns, all planets and the heavens.As such it’s also the sign of the circular movement, the sign of rebirth. It also signifies those who knew about reincarnation (Samsara), who spread all over the world and where they stayed they exerted their influence.


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