S9043 – Himalayan Devadaru Pushpam హిమాలయ దేవదారు పుష్పం ஹிமாலய தேவதாரு புஷ்பம்



It has Prana Sakthi even after removed from the tree. Nowaday children challenge elders to show god. This divine article (Himalayan Devadaru Pushp) is the best answer for them. If you put this flower in water for 24 hours in shrinks into a bud, and when taken out from the water it spreads out and blooms into a flower in 24 hours. Is it not amazing to find that this is God’s gift to show that some divine power rules the world.
It removes negative energy from the house and the members of the house. Provides positive energy to the house and the members of the house.