Aadhyathmik Ashtadathu Natarajar Pendant Lord Shiva Dance Called Tandavam or Nadanta Ashtaloha Ashtalogam Locket – S945118


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Approximate Weight: 12 Grams

Approximate Dimension: 2.5Lx0.7Bx4H in cm

Material: Metal

Color: Brown



Nataraja is Siva in the form of the Lord of the Dance. He represents the combined might of the dynamic universal energy and the awakened Brahman or Saguna Brahman. He is the source of all life, activity (chetana) and vibration (spandana). His dance is the dance of creation. The circle of fire that surrounds Him is His primal energy that flows out of Him and again into Him. The being lying at His feet is the jiva or the deluded soul whom he shapes through a painful process of karma and suffering and liberates Him in the end from bondage.


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