Vrischika Rasi Ring – Scorpio Ring – వృశ్చిక రాశి ఉంగరం விருச்சிக ராசி மோதிரம்


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Vrishschik Rasi in Telugu వృశ్చిక రాశి

Vrishchika Rasi in Tamil விருச்சிக ராசி

To get good knowledge, better Job, happy love and married life, blessed with children, good health, to get rid of obstacles in business and career, Vruschika Rasi People are recommended to wear the Vruschika Rasi Ring or Pendant.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Horoscope

Sanskrit Name : Vrishschika
Meaning of Name : The Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)n
Type : Water-Fixed-Negative
Lord : Pluto
Lucky Color : Scarlet, Red, Rust
Lucky Day : Tuesday
Lucky Number : 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81, 90


Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Description

Looking like a scorpion, Vrishchika ( Scorpio ) Rashi represents the private parts of male and females. It dwells in places like caves, water bodies and poisonous shrubs, and places fit for venomous snakes, insects and pythons.

Vrishchika ( Scorpio ), the eight sign in the Rashichakra, is the deepest and most intense of any of the signs. Serious, fearless, stubborn at times, intense and passionate, Jatakas of this sign are not to be taken lightly. They live life on their own terms and are in ultimate control of their destiny.

Vrishchikajatakas ( people born under scorpio ) are serious in their mission to learn about others: they will concentrate on the essential questions, gleaning the secrets that lie within, travelling in a world of black and white with little use for grey. They have an insatiable curiosity, which rouses their investigative spirits. These people love to probe and know how to get to the bottom of things. In this their keen sense of intuition certainly helps. They will promote their agenda and ensure that things go forward. This is often overbearing for others (it can be) and even self-destructive. However like the mascot, they too have tremendous regenerative powers and promptly re-grow its lost tail. Undaunted, the Vrishchikajatakas ( people born under scorpio ) charge ahead, determined to succeed.

Even though the Vrishchikajatakas ( people born under scorpio ) will work very hard, if probed, their complex and secretive nature makes them suspicious and they will clam up and withdraw further. But at the same time they are also surprisingly resourceful. Vrishchika ( Scorpio ) is ruled by the planets Mangal (Mars) and Pluto – the God of war and the God of the underworld, respectively.

Vrishchikajatakas ( people born under scorpio ) are unconcerned with the superficial. Their immense intuition gives them an insight into others’ lives. They are very passionate and intense in everything they do which often inspires fear or awe in others. They possess the overwhelming ability to strip away all veneer to get to the core of any issue. They can be very loyal friends, at the same time, they also have the making of fantastic enemies. The desire to avenge or take revenge or get even runs deep in them – and the hypnotic stare and vital force overwhelms those around them.

Intense, dominating, ruthless, energetic, passionate and committed Vrishchikajatakas ( people born under scorpio ) lead the battle of life with their keen intellect and admirable qualities of patience and creativity. They are definitely not gregarious, social, kind and always ready to please types. However, they are genuine and often above petty gains though not necessarily above conspiracy and manipulation. If such a need arises, they will devote considerable time and energy to develop strategies and plot revenge against the enemies. Vrishchikajatakas ( people born under scorpio ) move with a sense of purpose and possess an inner strength and a great capacity to endure hardships. But their innate masochism enables them to destroy even something that they have nurtured with great care and love. Though they can easily change course if it suits them better, their dynamic, fascinating and often mysterious face draws many towards them.

Vrishchikajatakas ( people born under scorpio ) are ideal for the sciences and do extremely well as physicians and surgeons. They also do well as Architecture and mechanics. They make excellent commanders and some excel in fine arts, literature, and journalism. Fame, fortune and success come easily to them. In business too they are able to plan their investments strategies shrewdly towards making big money often losing patience and making it on the sly than honourable means.

Vrishchikajatakas ( people born under scorpio ) are perhaps the most mysterious and difficult to understand and often have a love-hate relationship with food. Their planetary combination makes them motivated, penetrating and aware, not missing much, intuitive, probing and much focused on knowing who’s who and what’s what. Vrishchikajatakas ( people born under scorpio ) need lots of space to move and can lose their temper (and even become vengeful) if someone gets in their way. They make good of given opportunities and convert today’s loss into tomorrow’s victory.

Motto for Vrishchikajatakas ( people born under scorpio ): still waters run deep. They are also emotional though less likely to show it and guard their secrets well.

But once the tempest within the Vrishchikajatakas ( people born under scorpio ) dies down, they regain their determination and loyal posture. They also make subtle manipulation to get what they want, but are powerful and passionate as well, qualities, which serve them well so long these don’t deteriorate into self-indulgence or compulsions. They love competition in both work and play drawing great strength from their determination, passion and motivation.

Never say die Vrishchikajatakas ( people born under scorpio ) are intense, passionate lovers, who are hard to forget. They instinctively know what their partners want. Sweeping many off with magnetic charm they seldom distinguish between a passing fancy and true love – Involvement is always passionate deal with the Vrishchikajatakas ( people born under scorpio ). Very jealous over proprietarial rights, Vrishchikajatakas ( people born under scorpio ) make ideal life partner in fellow water signs – Karka ( Cancer ), Vrishchika ( Scorpio ) and Meena ( Pisces ) as they understand Vrishchikajatakas ( people born under scorpio ) the best. The home of the Vrishchikajatakas ( people born under scorpio ) will be comfortable and classy, but Spartan, as they prefer the minimalist style.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Decans

Born between October 24 and November 1: If the person is born between these days, the planetary ruler is Mars. The person born under this decan would be a double Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)n with stronger characteristics of this sign. So the person would be more magnetic, resourceful and courageous.

Born between November 2 and November 11:
If the person is born between these days, the planetary ruler is Jupiter. The person would be ambitious so much so that the ambitions would come to reality soon. The person is extremely artistic and romantic. Loyalty and luck would give the person success.

Born between November 12 and November 22:
If the person is born between these days, the planetary ruler is Moon. The person would have excellent publicity boosts. The person would wish to be free and have tremendous will power. Justice is important for people born in this decan.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Career

The Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) natives don’t need a pep talk to bring themselves in their element, as they are quite self-motivated and know what they want, be it regarding their career or any other matter. Tenacious, intense and intensely career-driven, these confident people accept defeat only when the odds are overwhelming and failure is inevitable. And when they are cornered or betrayed and left with no choice but to back down, the Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) get hurt the most. Not ones to forgive and forget easily, these revengeful beings make it a point to get back at those who make the mistake of messing up with them!

Those born under the Sign of Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) have a natural affinity with all things mysterious and hidden. It is in their very nature to keep they eyes and ears open all the time and look out for preying eyes. Having a Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) in the team means that there is at least one person who will ensure to safeguard the team’s interests. Not only that, they will bring their ability to make excellent strategies to the table, and thus, will make significant contribution to the performance of the entire team.

They value their time, and hence, they would rarely get involved in gossips and lunch-time chitchats. And, if there are a part of the conversations, rest assured that they are there only because they think that they may find some useful information. When at work, the Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)s are totally focused on the job on hand.

Courageous and passionate, the Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)s are admired for their discipline and ability to wield power. They spend a lot of time interacting with colleagues and subordinates and talk about how they, as a team, can improve and ensure better profits. And it doesn’t end there! The dedicated Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) don’t mind taking their work home. You may often see them working late nights, finishing their tasks.

Not ones to take things on their face value, people born under the Zodiac Sign Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) can be natural detectives. Work in the fields of medical research, psychology and journalism, especially investigative journalism, satisfies their deep desire to ‘find’ answers. People trust them with their inner most secrets and most valuable possessions, and therefore, there is a great scope for them to make a good career fields in which they will have to manage others’ business.

Mining operations, oil drilling and archaeology are also associated with this Sign. The Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) may perform exceptionally well as doctors, ecologists, engineers, navigators, market analysts, pathologists, soldier etc.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Romance

Element : Water

Quality : Fixed; Feminine; Negative

Ruling Planet : Pluto

Lessons to give in love : The power of passion, total abandon, raw energy and sensual pleasure.

Lessons to learn in love : Appreciating the aspect that love is giving, that it is surrender. Realisation that fulfilment in love has to be mutual.

Personality : Passionate, sorted, capable, mature, keenly intuitive, yet insecure, restless and secretive, Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)s are as mysterious as they come. This emotional and magnetic Water sign signifies the mature human being who already knows a plenty, yet is able to perceive that there’s a lot he still hasn’t seen. And thus, he desires to see and find it all. This tendency to see mystery/ problem even where it doesn’t exist makes him suspicious and preoccupied. Always sceptical about others and their motivations, Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) is fiercely protective of his own self, and of his loved ones. Any hurt, and Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) reflexively stings back – revenge, instant and complete is the name of the game in his raw, intense world. Defeats motivate him, and hurts harden his resolve to bounce back – resilience is a noteworthy quality in Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio). The Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) understands and fulfils his duties, but is constantly tugged at by a deep-set fear, an insecurity that something is going on behind his back. All that is wonderful, but do you feel choked by the Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)’s jealous, possessive streak?

Love for the Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) is : is an all consuming desire for oneness that engulfs the Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)s almost all their lives, and greatly affects their opinions and choices. And, to them love is supreme, worthy of any sacrifice, even though it is expressed and better understood in a more physical, carnal way. Sex is a way of finding the unknown, a way of transcending physical barriers and touching the chords of the self-consciousness that enchants the Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) no end. No wonder, sex assumes great importance in a Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)’s world. Many misunderstand Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) because of this aspect, however, sex is a way of blending human with the spiritual for this zodiac sign.

When in Love : Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) is potent, protective, gentle, loving, committed and loyal. In the beginning, though, they may play it cool. They take their own sweet time to analyse each little nuance of the person, before deciding on the one. Passionate to the core, these magnetic and powerful beings are sure to draw attention and appreciation from myriad quarters. Many fall prey to their mystical charms, but this hardly affects them. Measured and cautious in love, they possess an amazing grace and self-will. Once they enter a relationship or fall headlong in love, they are deeply and intensely involved. They make amorous lovers and sex holds a place of pride in their love domains. Despite all the external toughness and internal resolve, Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)s are insecure, scared beings, constantly afraid of losing their beloved to the conspiring world.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Lifestyle

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Physical Attributes: Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)s are usually of sturdy built, with stocky shoulders, sharp facial features, and have a husky voice that can be enchanting. They have penetrating, hypnotic eyes, a short neck, thin but sensuous lips and thick, brown hair. They have a square forehead and jaw, with flat cheek bones. Their torsos are long, and arms shorter than it. Their general appearance is confident.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Health:
Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)s not only generally enjoy good health, but their resistance is also good, so when they are faced with a health problem they are quick to recover. They are susceptible to accidents because of their tendency to take risks, and also to disorders of the sex organs, throat, intestines, lungs and the prostate gland. They need to take appropriate precautions in these areas.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Beautyscope:
Red is the hot favourite colour for the mysterious, sensuous Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)s. Eye-shadow, mascara and false eye-lashes enhance the beauty of their eyes. Pink or dark brown lipstick brings out their wild side. Wearing sheer lingerie in various hues of black, maroon or red is their idea of looking like a fashion diva.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Food:
The Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)s should drink lots of water and eat foods with good cholesterol and zinc to maintain their health. Foods recommended for them are oysters, snails, figs, avocados, black cherries, cottage cheese, onions, watercress, parsnips, asparagus, mustard, cauliflower, coconut, fish and lobster. They should religiously avoid alcohol.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Habits:
Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)s can hold a grudge forever. This unfortunate habit can distance them from the love, happiness and trust they deserve from their near and dear ones. First they need to let go of their anger and resentments, then learn to love themselves, and only then will forgiveness enter their hearts. They can do all of it with the extraordinary will-power they have.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Nature

You Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)ns can use your powerful emotional awareness to render your opponent harmless. But there is a sexual component in the poisonous tail and until and unless Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)ns learn to control those strong urges, they may find themselves in awkward situations. Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) is the only sign that has three animal totems. First, there is the Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)n with a active tail. Second, as the Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) learns to conquer its passion and hold its instincts aside, it changes into the Eagle. The Eagle has a wider perspective, it flies high above the circumstances, swooping down with its power only to kill the prey for food. In its third form, the Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)n becomes like a peaceful dove. Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)s transform the painful poisons of possessive passion into a higher consciousness based on universal love.

For a Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) something which is hidden, is interesting. Your magnetic personality attracts others to you. When hurt in love you may become cold and withdrawn.

Key Planet: Pluto
Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld. If this sounds scary to you, it demands more explanation, for Pluto symbolizes everything that is beneath our consciousness. This does not denote Hell where we are punished for our bad deeds. But, it is the Hell that William Blake describes as a place so beautiful that it would torment an angel to insanity. As the key planet for Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio), Pluto is powerful, representing the things that we don’t or can’t understand. And it is from these hidden Plutonic spaces that magical transformations arise.

Eighth House: Transformation
Since the second house is the House of Possessions, the Eighth House opposite to it, is about what other people have. This can include sexual issues, for they usually involve the another person. It is also about the ultimate transformation — death — but not necessarily your own. The Eighth House is all about the things we don’t know and cannot understand. It is a House of Hidden Power.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Element: Water
This Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) sign is associated with the element of emotion, water. Sometimes the waters are so deep that we cannot express our feelings in words. With the snows falling in the mountains and melting, the cycle of water is endless.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Strength:
Your passion for your feelings strengthens you.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Weakness:
Love for secrecy may isolate you.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Relationship

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) as a Friend: You are discriminative in friendship. You are an intensely loyal friend. You are ultra sensitive in matters of pride and self-respect. Secrets would be well kept. You would have stable friendships. You could be betrayed in friendships.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) as a Father:
As a father, a Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)n would be proud of his children but are advised not to be very strict. The Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) father would plan out outdoor activities for his children. Be tolerant towards them.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) as a Mother:
As a mother, a Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) would be passionate about her motherhood and would be a good mother in many ways. You may be strict but your maternal love will balance the situation. On the other hand, Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)s great energy and flare in enjoying life would give better memories for the children.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Facts

Lucky Stone(s): Bloodstone

Lucky Talisman:
Gold Initial

Positive Qualities:
Will power, self confidence, magnetism, robust outlook, diplomatic and courageous.

Negative Qualities:
Possessive, jealous, dominating, cunning, ruthless and proud.

Will power, self confidence, magnetism, robust outlook, diplomatic, courageous, possessive, jealous, dominating, cunning, ruthless and proud.

Famous Personalities:
Marie Curie, Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Prince Charles and Truman Capote.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Compatibility

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)-Mesh Rasi (Aries) Compatibility

The passionate world awaits for the relationship between a Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) and an Mesh Rasi (Aries). They always stand by justice. A Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) is ready for closeness whereas an Mesh Rasi (Aries) lacks the interest in intimacy. The weakness in the compatibility is that An Mesh Rasi (Aries) never remembers the worst events of life but a Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) never forgets the harsh things done to him. Both as a duet works well to form a great team with the understanding they have about each other.

Compatibility of Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Man and Mesh Rasi (Aries) Woman
Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) man loves the intensity and the vivaciousness of Mesh Rasi (Aries) woman and Mesh Rasi (Aries) women are more attracted to the mystifying behavior of the Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) man. Mesh Rasi (Aries) women have a strong and adamant personality. They love to control things and believe in a passionate relationship. An Mesh Rasi (Aries) woman can easily get attracted to a Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) man but their long-lasting chemistry is mainly dependent on their ability to accommodate each other’s needs.

Compatibility of Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Woman and Mesh Rasi (Aries) Man
A Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) woman is always attracted by the strong will power of an Mesh Rasi (Aries) man. His aggression will be well-balanced by her caring nature and love. Mesh Rasi (Aries) man has his own mysterious way to attract a woman and on the contrary a Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) woman always tries to gain the attention of her male counterpart. Ganesha advises to forgive each other’s shortcomings and to develop a strong will to understand each other.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)-Vrishabh Rasi (Taurus) Compatibility

A few problems may arise as Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) shows possessiveness and Vrishabh Rasi (Taurus) feels jealousy. The compatibility may not work out to be good unless they try to compromise. They may always suspect each other which may even crash their relation. Vrishabh Rasi (Taurus) and Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) both have to learn to express their feelings openly so as make their compatibility work well. This relationship can work if they try to give space to each other.

Compatibility of Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Man and Vrishabh Rasi (Taurus) Woman
Many ups and towns are experienced in this love match. A Vrishabh Rasi (Taurus) woman always suspects her partner and for this reason there is a clash. On the other side a Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) man is moody and he is always ready to fight with his woman .There constant fighting may result into disaster. In order to work out the compatibility both of them have to learn to respect each other’s feelings and appreciate the difference in opinions.

Compatibility of Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Woman and Vrishabh Rasi (Taurus) Man
It is not an impossible match but both have to really put in their efforts to work this relationship well.Their individual nature of relentlessness and suspicion may hammer their relationship. Their stubbornness may not allow each other to share their personal views. In spite of all these short comings, they share a very good physical chemistry that inspires them to have a summer romance.So, Ganesha says that the compatibility can pretty work well with their accessible nature.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)-Mituna Rasi (Mituna Rasi (Gemini)) Compatibility

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)ns are jealous, possessive, and dominant ; Mituna Rasi (Mituna Rasi (Gemini))ans are self-centered, careless and diplomatic. Mituna Rasi (Mituna Rasi (Gemini))ans are brilliant and enthusiatic but cannot stand jealousy and vengeful behavior. They love and enjoy to be seen in social settings and Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)ns on the other hand are secretive and seek privacy. Both are almost opposite in their deeds and actions. The match has to struggle a lot to keep the relationship on track.

Compatibility of Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Man and Mituna Rasi (Mituna Rasi (Gemini)) Woman

The match is not meant for either of them because a Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) man has lots of expectations from her which may not be possible for a Mituna Rasi (Mituna Rasi (Gemini)) woman to fufill. There may be some infatuation for each other in the beginning but the relatinship cannot be dragged far-off considerng this only factor. A Mituna Rasi (Mituna Rasi (Gemini)) woman is reckless and carefree which is intolerable by a Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) man and he is very suspicious and jealous which a Mituna Rasi (Mituna Rasi (Gemini)) woman always dislikes.

Compatibility of Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Woman and Mituna Rasi (Mituna Rasi (Gemini)) ManA Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) woman will be captivated by the brilliance and zeal of a Mituna Rasi (Mituna Rasi (Gemini)) man. He will be attracted by her passion and loyalty. If both the zodiac signs mix together the results can be fantastic. But due to their negative aspects as jealousy and overdemanding behavior ( of a Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) woman), impatience and incosistency (of a Mituna Rasi (Mituna Rasi (Gemini)) man), they may create obstacles for themselves. Ganesha insists that if they try to figure-out the pit-falls and then the chances of their, remaining together may increase.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)-Karkatakh Rasi (Cancer) Compatibility

Karkatakh Rasi (Cancer)ians are sensitive, caring, ambitious, and tenacious. This couple may prove to be true soul mates. There are various qualities that are similar which will make the Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)n and the Karkatakh Rasi (Cancer)ian bonded. A Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)n will always support and protect a Karkatakh Rasi (Cancer)ian and in turn, a Karkatakh Rasi (Cancer)ian will give love and affection which a Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)n is seeking from a long time. Both will have strong sexual attraction. However, Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)n’s drawbacks are their possessiveness and jealous nature which can be well managed by generous and loving Karkatakh Rasi (Cancer)ians.

Compatibility of Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Man and Karkatakh Rasi (Cancer) Woman
A Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) man is the best match for a Karkatakh Rasi (Cancer) woman. His mystic ways and sexual appeal will definitely attract a Karkatakh Rasi (Cancer) woman and make her fall in deep love with him. A Karkatakh Rasi (Cancer) woman will feel safe and secured by the side of a strong and loyal Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) man. The only drawback in the relation is their over possessiveness and Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) man’s suspicious nature. But this does not matter, if a Karkatakh Rasi (Cancer) woman knows how to handle and convert the realtion into a good one.

Compatibility of Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Woman and Karkatakh Rasi (Cancer) Man
The chemistry between a Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Woman and a Karkatakh Rasi (Cancer) man is amazing and everlasting. A Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) woman will be devoted and will give him everything that he wants. Both the zodiac signs complement each other. Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) woman will inspire a Karkatakh Rasi (Cancer) man to reach great heights and also to stay calm. However, a Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) woman is jealous and will make a Karkatakh Rasi (Cancer) man secured as he is also very possessive for her. The Karkatakh Rasi (Cancer) man is very emotional and with minor glitches, both the couple will enjoy good times ahead.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)-Simha Rasi (Leo) Compatibility

Simha Rasi (Leo) are arrogant and proud whereas Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)ns are possessive and jealous. The union usually gets heated-up and could end in a bitter relationship. Both will be drawn to each other’s fascination but their anger will make it difficult to bear with one another. Simha Rasi (Leo)’s dominance and majestic attitude to love may not be tolerated by a Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)n. Ganesha also warns that the alliance of these zodiac signs may give out hazardous results.

Compatibility of Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Man and Simha Rasi (Leo) Woman
A Simha Rasi (Leo) woman will wander for love and also will not be able to satisfy a Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) man’s over demanding behavior. The love match of a Simha Rasi (Leo) woman is not compatible with a Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) man. The Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) man in his indignation could ignite a fight with the Simha Rasi (Leo) woman. He will admire her love and patience but will become berserk if he found that it is only a show of love. The Simha Rasi (Leo) woman will get the needed attention from the Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) man.

Compatibility of Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Woman and Simha Rasi (Leo) Man
A Simha Rasi (Leo) man exhibits grand love and believes in king-style living. A Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) woman does not care for his show-off for love rather would be more inclined if he shows care and affection. Both are strong and aggressive and neither of them would like to bend nor compromise. Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) woman will be entralled by Simha Rasi (Leo) man’s powerful and fearless personality. However, for a Simha Rasi (Leo) man, honesty and devotion are meaningless. All in all, not a good match.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)-Kanya Rasi (Virgo) Compatibility

Inspite of different traits, Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) and Kanya Rasi (Virgo) are quite a match for each other. Kanya Rasi (Virgo) are very critical, exact and methodical. Both will foster respect for each other with strong commitments and love. The only drawback is that Kanya Rasi (Virgo) are more expressive and logical and on the other hand, Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)ns are secretive which may lead to compromise in the relationship. Kanya Rasi (Virgo)s will be drawn towards the magnetic behavior of Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)ns.

Compatibility of Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Man and Kanya Rasi (Virgo) Woman
A Kanya Rasi (Virgo) woman and a Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) man will have a marvelous relationship. She will provide full suppport and help in enhancing a Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) man’s social life. The Kanya Rasi (Virgo) woman’s captiousness and impatience may irritate the Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) man. The romance will remain in the air as the Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) man possesses intense and passionate emotions. They understand each other’s needs and changing moods and hence the relationsip can be exemplary for other zodiac signs.

Compatibility of Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Woman and Kanya Rasi (Virgo) Man
There a considerable chances of a ‘happy marriage’ between a Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) woman and a Kanya Rasi (Virgo) man. Kanya Rasi (Virgo)s are intelligent and sharp, Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)ns are strong and determined, both will complement each other and will encourage and help other in rising high. The sexual attraction and physical relationship can spark the erotic feelings. They share most of the common traits too and by overlooking minor problems, can spend a good time and have fun together.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)-Tula Rasi (Libra) Compatibility

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)ns are stubborn and determined and if they want they can teach Tula Rasi (Libra)ns the real meaning of love and relationship. Tula Rasi (Libra)ns are intelligent, charming and easygoing personalities. Unlike Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)ns, Tula Rasi (Libra)ns do not believe in serious commitments. They can be ideal for flirting and display of love but true love. Both like to take challenges and risks, therfore it cannot be a boring relationship. Both have different qualities, if used constructively they can live in a happy relationship.

Compatibility of Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Man and Tula Rasi (Libra) Woman
A Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) man may fall in love with a Tula Rasi (Libra) woman for her beauty and innocence. But, this relationship may sustain only for small period of time. However, to make this relationship work on a long run they will require to make great efforts from both the sides. Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) men are intense lovers but due to their jealous nature will always suspect a Tula Rasi (Libra) woman and can make this relationship worse. The happiness in the marriage of a Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) with a Tula Rasi (Libra) is a question mark but a time-being relationship will be a pleasure for both of them.

Compatibility of Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Woman and Tula Rasi (Libra) Man
A Tula Rasi (Libra) man due to his ego and flirtatious nature will always make a Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) woman neglected. Tula Rasi (Libra) men are fun loving, charming and love flattery. The intense and revengeful nature of Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) women may result in conflicts and even can lead to the end of the realtionship. The best way to make this relationship strong is to give-up their respective egos and make adjustments with one another, as individually both are good personalities. If Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) woman and Tula Rasi (Libra) man understand and admire each other’s traits then the required balance can be acheived.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)-Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Compatibility

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)ns possess strong will-power and charisma. They are stubborn and rather go to the extremes in their relationships. When Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)ns are in love, they can do any or everything to make you happy. But, when you are not in their good books, then take that as caution as the consequences can be very nasty and grave. Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)ns are very loyal and passionate lovers, will attract with their mystic and charming behaviour. There is one more remarkable trait about Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)ns, they are very true and will never show their inner feelings but will understand you deeply.

Compatibility of Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Man and Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Woman
With most of the characterstics in common, there are bountiful of opportunities present for conflicts, joy and love. They will share all ups and downs of life together. They may be attracted towards each other by their unique way of appealing or by their physical looks. Still both the Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)n partners need to keep their rage and jealousy aside to bear with themselves. Both are determined and hardworking and can succeed in business.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)-Danur Rasi (Sagittarius) Compatibility

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)ns represent a water sign and Sagittarians a fire sign. When Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)ns and Sagittarins combine their relationship can become exciting and inspiring. Sagittarians are very boisterous, audacious and loquacious. They can add spice to the life of Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)ns. Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)ns, on the other hand, are very passionate and loyal lovers as well as strong and ambitious. Sagittarians take things and even relationships casually but Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)ns are very serious towards their realtionships.

Compatibility of Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Man and Danur Rasi (Sagittarius) Woman
A Danur Rasi (Sagittarius) woman is very frank and generous. She loves Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) man’s strength and determination. Both will take delight in adventurous activities. The couple will enjoy each other’s company and can make it a sizzling relationship, provided the Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) man gives freedom to her. The Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) man expects a lot from the Danur Rasi (Sagittarius) woman and if she is able to fulfil his desires, then both can enjoy a lasting relationship.

Compatibility of Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Woman and Danur Rasi (Sagittarius) Man
The Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) woman is very emotional and demands constant love. A Danur Rasi (Sagittarius) man is very expressive wheras a Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) woman is secretive. This may cause a lot of problems and ultimately can result in ending the relationship. The possessiveness and jealousy of the Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) woman may keep the Danur Rasi (Sagittarius) man away. For sustaining this realtionship, they have to work out on the issues to overcome communication gaps and other drawbacks. The blend between the two is nearly impossible as water and fire cannot mix but Ganesha also believes that ‘nothing is impossible’.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)-Makhara Rasi (Capricorn) Compatibility

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)ns and Makhara Rasi (Capricorn)s are very similar in their most of the traits. Both are obstinate, vindictive and suspicious. There also exits a clash between the two personalities. The first one is very emotional while the latter is very practical and hard-headed. The match is not excellent as both are very strong and determined, neither of them would like to bend a little for another but both will agree on one point which is the financial security. This may enable them to accomodate with each other.

Compatibility of Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Man and Makhara Rasi (Capricorn) Woman
Both the zodiac signs have a great sense of responsibility and are serious about the financial matters. The factors like passion and jealousy of a Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) man can play a positive role in maintaining a good relationship with the Makhara Rasi (Capricorn) woman as she will feel secured. A Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) man and a Makhara Rasi (Capricorn) woman can also have good business relationship but their love compatibility mainly depends on their ability to learn and develop trust, care and devotion for each other.

Compatibility of Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Woman and Makhara Rasi (Capricorn) Man
Makhara Rasi (Capricorn) men are intelligent and possess a brilliant logical sense. They are ambitious and strong too. Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) women are also determined but they are very emotional. They are passionately drawn to one another. Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) woman and Makhara Rasi (Capricorn) man can be of great support to one another, provided, they learn to respect each other’s sentiments and emotions. There is a lot to learn from one another but it may take a long time to open up to each other.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)-Kumba Rasi (Aquarius) Compatibility

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) and Kumba Rasi (Aquarius) compatibility as measured by Ganesha cannot reach a high level unless they give some space to each other. Aquarians have the tendency to get irritated very easily. Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)ns are dominating and cannot tolerate Aquarian’s mood-swings and love for freedom. Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)ns are also emotionally demanding and Aquairians will find it difficult to live up to their expectations. If there is any glue at all that can keep these two zodiac signs together, it may be their physical relationship.

Compatibility of Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Man and Kumba Rasi (Aquarius) Woman
Kumba Rasi (Aquarius) woman seeks pleasure in outdoor activities whereas a Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) man wants her to pay attention in household activities. There will always be a clash between the two but an Kumba Rasi (Aquarius) woman with her caring and kind nature will try to make this relationship easy-going to some extent. Ganesha wonders if it is possible for the duo to spend rest of the life peacefully. This couple is not a made for each other.

Compatibility of Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Woman and Kumba Rasi (Aquarius) Man
The relationship may have to face a lot of hardships as an Kumba Rasi (Aquarius) man is unpredictable and a Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) woman is very emotional and demanding. They are very strong and firlmy stick to their words. She expects a lot from her partner and if not receiving the same can turn this relatinship upside-down. To make this relationship successful, a Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) woman has to cool her temperament down and accept the man as he is, without much expectations. On the other hand, an Kumba Rasi (Aquarius) man also has to make compromises to make her happy.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)-Meena Rasi (Pisces) Compatibility

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) and Meena Rasi (Pisces) share wonderful relationship as both have ‘water’ as their symbol. Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)ns are instilled with a lot of energy and possess a strong power of determination . But, they are also jealous, possessive and sometimes commanding whereas Meena Rasi (Pisces) are very generous and charming. Pisceans understand Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)s perfectly and will always try to make them happy. In turn, Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)ns also show loyalty and devotion to their love.

Compatibility of Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Man and Meena Rasi (Pisces) Woman
Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) man and Meena Rasi (Pisces) woman can make an attractive couple together. They will share an intimate bond and intense physical chemistry. What more can be expected from a relationship than that one partner knows and understands the other very well? And, a Meena Rasi (Pisces) woman is gifted with this quality. She is very intelligent and emotional as well, however, a Meena Rasi (Pisces) woman would never like the dominating and possessive nature of a Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) man. Both will love occult activities and share other interests.

Compatibility of Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) Woman and Meena Rasi (Pisces) Man
The relationship of a Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) man and a Meena Rasi (Pisces) woman is a magical one but we cannot say if this relationship will sustain for a long time. Inspite of his shy nature, a Meena Rasi (Pisces) man will find himself very comfortable and open with a Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) woman. However, the shyness of a Meena Rasi (Pisces) man is not acceptable to a Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) woman as she is looking for a strong and a tough person. Meena Rasi (Pisces) man will excite and inspire her in his own unique ways. Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) woman will be very loyal and truthful to him.

వృచ్చిక రాశి

పూజించ వలసిన దేవుడు        :     సుబ్రమణ్య స్వామి అదృష్ట రంగు                           :     ఎరుపు సరిపడని రంగు                       :     ఆకుపచ్చ అదృష్ట దిక్కు                          :     దక్షిణము అదృష్ట రత్నము                      :     పగడము బరువు క్యారెట్లు                       :    4 క్యారెట్లు  పనికి రాని వారము                  :    బుధ వారము
అదృష్ట వారము                        :   మంగళవారము
రత్నము దరించ వలసిన వ్రేలు   :    ఉంగరపు  రత్నముధరించవలసినలోహము:    వెండి దర్శించ వలసిన దేవలలయము :   సుబ్ర మణ్య ఆలయము గ్రహ తత్వము                            : అగ్ని 

వృశ్చిక రాశి   స్వభావం
సరిరాశిస్థిరము – జలతత్త్వము – తేలు” ఈ రాశికి సంబంధించిన చిహ్నము. పరిసర ప్రాంతములను, వ్యక్తులను గురించి ఆందోళన, పరిసరముల నుండి తనను తాను కాపాడుకొనుటకై ప్రయత్నించుటలో సునిశితమైన రహస్య ప్రవర్తన యుండును, వీరిలో జనాకర్షణ శక్తి కూడా ఉండును. ఇతరులపై తమ ప్రభావమను చూపి వీరు సులభముగా తమ మార్గమునకు రప్పించుకొను సామర్థ్యముండును. దానిని ఒక పక్షంవారు స్వలాభమునకై ఉపయోగించుకుందురు. మరియొక పక్షంవారు పరోపకారమునకై ఆరోపింపవలసిన సోపానములపై వీరి కథ నడుచును. కోరికలు ఇంద్రియసుఖములు, స్వార్థము అనువానితో అలుపులేని పోరాటముతో విజయము సాదించుకొనవలసిణ బాధ్యత మిగిలియుండును. జయించిన వారు యుగకర్తలు, మార్గ దర్శకులు కాగలరు. సంభాణలోనూ పాత కొత్తలయందును, సమర్థవంతమగు పదములతో కూడిన భాషపైనను వీరికి చక్కని పట్టు ఉండును. ఎటువంటి వ్యక్తులతో నైనా, ఎటువంటి వాతావరణమునైనా, కలిసిపోవు శక్తి ఉండగలదు. అప్రమత్తత అజాగ్రత్తగా యున్నను దుస్సాంగత్యమున చెడిపోవు అవకాశము కలదు. ఈ రాశిలో జన్మించిన బిడ్డలను పెంచుటలో ప్రత్యేక శ్రద్ధ చూపవలసి యుండును. దుస్సాంగత్యము, ఇంద్రియలోలత అను అంశముల నుండి నేర్పుతో వారిని కాపాడవలసి యుండును. సంతానమునకు భయము, రహస్య గోపనము అనే రెండు విచిత్ర మనోధర్మములు ప్రాముఖ్యత వహించును. వారిని చక్కగా ప్రోత్సహించి సజ్జన సాంగత్యము, పనిలో నిమగ్నులు కావించుట, సమానహోదాతో వ్యవహరించిన వారికి ధైర్యము, స్వతంత్ర ప్రవృత్తి, విద్యా బుద్ధులు అలవడి గొప్ప వారాగు అవకాశమున్నది.
రహస్య వృత్తి యీ రాశి వారికి ప్రత్యేక లక్షణము. వీరి ఆంతర్యము మరియొకరికి తెలియుట వీరికి యిబ్బందికరముగా యుండును. వీరు ప్రేమ చూపినను, దయ చూపినను, ఎవరికైన సహాయ మొనర్చినను దాని విషయము ఇతరులకు తెలియుట చాలా కష్టము. అనగా రహస్య, గుప్త దానాదులయందు వీరికి విశ్వాసమెక్కువ. ఈ రాశివారు మంచివారని, మంచిని సంకల్పించి ఆచరించుచున్నారని వీరి అనుచరులకు కూడా తెలియుటకు చాలా కాలము పట్టును, వీరు తమ మనస్సును ఇంద్రియములను జయింపలేనిచో వీరి భావములు, చెడ్డపనులు, స్వార్థము, కాఠిన్యము, మోసమును ఎవరును గ్రహించలేరు. కాని యొకనాడు సర్వము ప్రకటితమై క్షాళన (శుభ్రము) ప్రక్రియ తప్పనిసరి యగును. ఈ రాశి వారి మనస్తత్వము చాలా విచిత్రమైనది. ఇందు జన్మించిన వారి హృదయముల గాంభీర్యము, లోతు వారికే తెలియదు. ఇతరుల కన్నా తెలియదు. వీరు సాధారణముగా ఒకపనిలో నిమగ్నులై యున్నంతవరకు వీరి మనస్సు పవిత్రముగా ఉండును. పని తక్కువై ఆలోచించుట ప్రారంభమైనది మొదలు ఇతరులలోని లోపములు, రహస్యములు తెలుసు కొందురు. మంచి పనులు చేసినను ఎవరికిని తెలియకుండా చేయవలెనను పట్టుదలతో కొంత సమయము ప్రయత్నము వ్యర్థమగును.
ఈ రాశి ప్రభావములోని వారు – శస్త్ర వైద్యుడు, ఆయుధదారి యగు యోధుడు, రక్షక భటుడు మెకానిక్ ఇంజనీరు, కార్మికుడు, వేగముగల వాహనములు నడుపు వారు, లోహమయ వస్తువులు ధరించువారు. వడ్రంగము, మేకులు, సుత్తిపని చేయుటలో ప్రత్యేక ప్రజ్ఞ యుండును, అపరాధ పరిశోధనా శాఖ వారు, సి. ఐ. డి. మొదలగు విద్యలో నిపుణులు, నల్లమందు, పొగాకు, గంజాయి, మత్తుపదార్థములు, విషప్రయోగవస్తువులు తయారు చేసి రహస్యముగా సరఫరా చేయువారు, వాటిని పరిశోధించి పట్టుకొను రక్షణశాఖవారు ఈ రాశిలో నిపుణులు. అతి తీవ్రమైన, వాడియైన వాగ్ధాటి రచనా ప్రభావముచే జీవనయాత్ర సాగించు నైపుణ్యత కలవారు కూడా ఈ రాశిలో జన్మింతురు. వీరికి చిన్న వయస్సులో వివాహమయినచో నడివయస్సున కొంతకాలము భార్యకు సుదీర్ఘమైన అనారోగ్యములు కలుగును, అనూహ్యమగు కారణములచే రెండవ వివాహము జరగవచ్చును. ఆలస్యముగా వివాహమైన అంతకుముందు వయస్సున తీరని క్లిష్ట సమస్యలు, వీరి ప్రణయ జీవితమునకు సంబంధించినవి సంభవించి తరువాత జీవితమున అప్పుడప్పుడు పునరావృతమగు (మరల మరల జరుగును) వీరిలో కొందరు వివాహ జీవితమును నిర్వహించుచున్నట్లు నటిస్తూ, కోపతాపములవలనో, వైరాగ్యమువలనో దాంపత్య సుఖమును కోల్పోవుదురు. కొందరు అవివాహితులుగా వుండగలరు. కొందరికి తెలిసిన కుటుంబమొకటి, ప్రచ్చన్నమైనా కుటుంబమొకటి యుండవచ్చును. చిన్నతనమున తీవ్ర అనారోగ్యములుండును. కొంత వయస్సు వరకు కృశ శరీరము దాంపత్య జీవితము నుండి స్థూలశరీర మేర్పడుట, సుదీర్ఘమైన, స్వల్ప అనారోగ్యము లుండును. నడుము, మోకాళ్ళు, గొంతు, మూత్ర విసర్జన అవయములకు సంబంధించిన వ్యాధులు కలుగుచుండును. వార్ధక్యమున మూత్రసంబంధ నిరోధనము (పురుషులకు) మూలవ్యాధి, ఫిస్టులా (భగంధరము) కలుగవచ్చును. పాదములు, పొట్ట, లివరు, నీరు పట్టుట గుండె నీరు పట్టుట, కామెర్లు మున్నగునవి కలుగవచ్చును. స్త్రీలలో శిశుపోషణ, గృహ నిర్వహణ నైపుణ్యం, సామర్థ్యం, ఎక్కువ ఉద్యోగము చేయదలచిన వారు, ప్రసూతి చికిత్సాలయములు, మాతాశిశు పోషణ, కేంద్రములు, అనాధ శరణాలయములు మున్నగు శాఖలు సార్ధకమై జీవితము ధన్యమగును.