Simha Rashi – Leo Ring – సింహ రాశి ఉంగరం சிம்ஹ ராசி மோதிரம்


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Simha Rasi in Telugu సింహ రాశి

Simh Rasi in Tamil (சிம்ம) சிம்ஹ ராசி

To get good knowledge, better Job, happy love and married life, blessed with children, good health, to get rid of obstacles in business and career, Simha Rasi People are recommended to wear the Simha Rasi Ring or Pendant.

Simha Rasi (Leo) Horoscope

Sanskrit Name : Simha
Meaning of Name : The Lion
Type : Fire-Fixed-Positive
Lord : Sun
Lucky Color : Gold, Orange, White, Red
Lucky Day : Sunday
Lucky Number : 1, 4, 10, 13, 19, 22


Simha Rasi (Leo) Description

[The old scholars say that the lion like Simha ( Leo ) Rashi lives in mountains and represents the hearts of Kaal Purusha (Ursha major). Forests, forts, caves, mountains are considered to be its residence.]

The fifth sign in the Rashichakra, Simha ( Leo ) rashi behave every inch the royals. They are the kings of the zodiac and there is nothing modest about them.

Simhajatakas ( people born under leo ) are very proud, self-confident, generous, honest, frank, courageous, affectionate, charismatic and often theatrical in their behaviour. Jatakas of this Rashi are also winners. They will hardly embark on a mission if they do not see themselves on the top at the finish. Argument or failure to acknowledge their worth invokes sharp reactions from Simhajataks ( people born under leo ). Like the heart they are ruled by, they are generous often to a fault. Give any Leo your best chair to sit on (possibly facing the wall mirror) when at home and the proverbial limelight with plenty of lights glowing – you have a purring and tamed big cat all for yourselves!

Simhajatakas ( people born under leo ) are born leaders. They detest being sly and sneaky and are very noble in their approach. The Lions gregarious personality easily stands out in a crowd. They are impossible to miss, since making an impression is the main goal for Simhajatakas ( people born under leo ) – a task they easily handle with the charisma that oozes out them. They are an ambitious lot, and their strength of purpose allows them to accomplish a great deal. Supremely talented and have a flair for the dramatic, most often all famous theatre personalities are Simhajatakas ( people born under leo ). They often take the limelight in parties and social gatherings. Although tending to be outspoken often loud and brash and people often take offence to that, a strong aesthetic sense, not only with regard to the possessions, but also the environment around make Simhajatakas ( people born under leo ) courteous and diplomatic whenever the situation demands so. However they are easily attracted to the rich, the bold, the famous, and the beautiful and are easily seduced by material wealth and luxury and believe in leading a grandiose life style.

Most of the Lions are the sporting types or something that is vigorously active that will generate considerable enthusiasm and excitement for them. They will plunge into them whole-heartedly, at least in the beginning. But then to continue even when tired is not one of their forte ! Professionally not suited for any lowbrow job, Lions do quite well in white-collar jobs, particularly as leaders or managers from a young age. Addicted to a comfortable life, they see to it that they manage to earn enough to meet the needs. Dignified, strong, also well-organised, idealistic and it is this sense of their power that allows them to get things done as well as inspire others.

Their creativity, idealism, leadership, boundless enthusiasm, ambition, are their greatest assets. Lions are outgoing, confident and have generosity of spirit and the determination to succeed coupled with tremendous energy. Sometimes they may be vane, and bossy to be regal, but regardless of appearance, they are also decisive, intensely proud and wonderfully romantic. The Lion’s personality is hot, fearless and strong, and do not commit too many mistakes. Even though Lions are status-conscious, they are also warm-hearted and want everyone to be happy – which makes Simhajatakas ( people born under leo ) great spenders – they cannot imagine an uncomfortable subjects nor environment.

Simha ( Leo ) rashi is ruled by the Sun, the centre of the universe and as such they consider themselves indispensable and the centre of our collective living and those who would tell them otherwise had better look out. They are also warm and considerate and a lover with style, wooing the beloved in the most elegant manner. They wine, dine and shower expensive gifts and roll out the red carpet all the way. Ideal life partners are found among fellow Simha ( Leo ), Mesha ( Aries ) and Dhanu ( Sagittarius ). However if the married life should be as smooth sailing, Simhajatakas ( people born under leo ) will have to be less domineering and treat spouse as equal.

Simha Rasi (Leo) Decans

Born between July 23 and August 2
If the person is born between these days, the planetary ruler is Sun. Sun gives enthusiasm and vitality. The person is destined for success and fame. The reserves and abilities of the person would be great.

Born between August 3 and August 13
If the person is born between these days, the planetary ruler is Jupiter. Jupiter brings riches, gains, religion, organizing ability, travels, social position and status. The person would be a lover of all the good and beautiful things in life, and radiate good cheer.

Born between August 14 and August 23
If the person is born between these days, the planetary ruler is Mars. Mars makes a person impulsive, egotistical, self-confident, bold sometimes full of bluster and bravado The nature of the person is aggressive, fiery, fearless and independent.

Simha Rasi (Leo) Career

Simha Rasi (Leo), ruled by the giver of energy – Sun, are those who make things happen, and their levels of enthusiasm and interest make a whole lot of difference to any situation, assignment or project they are associated with. People around them ask for their opinions and advice, even at times when the Simha Rasi (Leo) wish to keep mum and take a neutral stand. Loyal that they are, Simha Rasi (Leo) don’t succumb to pressure and divulge secrets. They are great thinkers and speakers, who lead from the front and inspire others to be their best. And all of these qualities naturally gravitate them to positions of authority and leadership, so that they cannot only make their presence felt, but can also make a difference.

Stubborn and domineering, Simha Rasi (Leo) don’t like to be told what they should do. Hence, while dealing with a Simha Rasi (Leo), ensure to keep your tone soft and give instructions politely, because orders don’t go down well with Simha Rasi (Leo). Try your luck if you want to hear him roar! Simha Rasi (Leo) do better when working for themselves and have their own expression in whatever they do. Even in job, they happen to perform at their very best when they have a full scope of adding their personal flair to the task assigned.

These royal beings don’t mind hard work, actually, they can be one of the most hard-working people on board, but they get bored easily, and this can go on to become a major hurdle on their career path. They can’t continue doing things just for the sake of doing it, because they need to love what they do or they would jump from one to another without thinking much about the future. It is important for them to keep themselves occupied in doing things that they enjoy doing; everything else is secondary.

The confident and ambitious Simha Rasi (Leo) can do best in careers where they can be appreciated and admired, and in which they can let their creative juices flow. They should take up careers that give them opportunity to meet and interact with people from different walks of life, because they tend to have excellent social skills and are extroverted. Also, they should avoid careers where they will have to work alone.

Considering their fine communication skills and love for spotlight, acting, direction, dancing, event planning, media, public relations etc. are good career options for Simha Rasi (Leo). Given their acute aesthetic sense.They may also shine well in the fields of designing animation, painting, modelling, anchoring etc. These majestic beings also have a healing touch, which is why they have potential to make a good career in medical professions.

Simha Rasi (Leo) Romance

Element : Fire

Quality : Fixed; Masculine; Positive

Ruling Planet : Sun

Lessons to give in love : Great faith in the power of self and of love. Ability to love oneself, and to remain ecstatic when in love.

Lessons to learn in love : Modesty and humility. And, that love is as much about giving as it is about taking.

Personality : The king Simha Rasi (Leo) is regal, proud and confident – of the self, of the ability and of the knowledge he has and he believes he will attain. Courageous, large-hearted and compassionate, Lion is full of youthful enthusiasm and vigour, and is the proverbial performer – his ruling Sun makes him hugely popular and socially cued in. The symbol of idealistic young blood, the bright, warming sunshine and the spring bloom, the teenage youth in the Simha Rasi (Leo) loves gazing at himself, admiring his handsome features, dogged drive, keen perception, surprising candour and admirable wit. The smug Lion prances around, singing paeans of his own accomplishments, so much so that he borders on to arrogance. He prefers having the final word in whatever he is involved. And, given his benevolent Simha Rasi (Leo)nine spirit, he takes it on himself to advise others (even lecture) and care for the vulnerable.

Love for the Simha Rasi (Leo) is : romance – bright, frothy and beautiful – akin to movies/ fairy tales. A Lion loves the idea of ‘being in love’, and it’s the very feeling of being in love, of loving and loved that infuses in them so much positivity and vitality. It’s also about not loving someone else, but oneself, and the whole world, at large. In the sense that the Lion manages to draw enjoyment and fulfilment out of loving without ties, without conditions and without expectations. But then, that is ideal, and Simha Rasi (Leo) does demand returns. Lion’s urge for power and dominance finds its way in the domain of love too. Simha Rasi (Leo)s like submission, and crave assurance. Never the ones to shirk away from giving generously, they do demand that gratitude be expressed with candour and affections be returned with reverence.

When in Love : Simha Rasi (Leo)s are supremely ardent, affectionate, loving and amorous. They love pampering their loved ones with open displays of affection, royal treatment, magnanimous gestures – you name it. But, also expect ample doses of praises and thank-yous in return. Although, they possess all the qualities of a great life partner, are extremely supportive, strong and benevolent, they can be very taxing as lovers. They prefer being in the driving seat in a relationship, and their pride, though overt and bountiful, is still very fragile. Simha Rasi (Leo)s make doting, proud partners, but in return from their partners they crave unfailing loyalty, strength of character, love bordering on to reverence, silent submission to their (often) raging temper and dominance.

Simha Rasi (Leo) Lifestyle

Simha Rasi (Leo) Physical Attributes:
The Lions have strong features, wide forehead, thick and fair hair, and a rather large aquiline nose. They have a tall stature mainly because of their long legs. The eyes are striking and brilliant. Though their teeth are not very strong, they have a deep, rich voice. The general appearance mostly gives an impression of nobility, class, pride, and poise. They have a graceful gait.

Simha Rasi (Leo) Health:
Back pains or related issues of the spine can be a bane for the Lions, though they are by and large of a strong built. If they are not careful with their posture, especially during teenage and adolescence, the backbone can cause severe problems later. Their heart and eyes are the other problem areas. They need to practice yoga and breathing exercises regularly.

Simha Rasi (Leo) Beautyscope:
Orange and gold colours are best suited to the Lions who are always looking out to attract attention. Golden mascara enhances the beauty of their eyes. Navy blue, gold or red nail-polish brings out their sensuality, and also their leadership qualities. Bright coloured dresses add to their flamboyance.

Simha Rasi (Leo) Food:
The Lions should eat foods which are high in carbohydrates. Raw egg yolk, asparagus, figs, lemons, coconut, peaches, sunflower seeds and apples will do them a world of good. Honey and meat are necessities. They should eat a lot of vegetable for the iron content. Goat’s milk is rich in whey protein, and having it regularly will keep them strong.

Simha Rasi (Leo) Habits:
The lavish Lions, despite all their obvious talents, can be incorrigible braggarts. It is understandable that a person endowed with creativity, charm and wit should feel like showing off once in a while, but they can carry it too far, which may cause resentment among peers. They can balance this by seeing the positive side of others and praising them.

Simha Rasi (Leo) Nature

Like a Lion, you Simha Rasi (Leo)s have an air of royalty. You often choose work that puts you in the limelight or in the spotlight of appreciation. Simha Rasi (Leo)s are eager for action and are driven by a desire to be loved for what they bring to others. A Simha Rasi (Leo) is a faithful servant and a magnanimous leader. A once brilliant Simha Rasi (Leo) can go cold, once scorned in love. You tend to live your life in an honest and a straightforward manner possessing a flair for drama. Usually you Simha Rasi (Leo)s are attracted to the theater, the performing arts and public relations, for you truly understand the importance of putting on a good presentation. You don’t forget to take time to acknowledge the feelings of those around you.

Simha Rasi (Leo) Key Planet: Sun
The undisputed King of our little planetary system, the Sun. He is always in the center, its warmth is the basis for all energy on Earth. Astrologically, the Sun symbolises our will. It’s like the fuel that fires each of our individual furnaces and gives us a reason to live. This prime planet of Simha Rasi (Leo) is the symbol of the self and from it stems all creativity and individuality.

Fifth House: Children
The Fifth House is directly associated with children but not with any type of childlike activity. Even grown-ups need to play. All self-expression and creativity comes from this sector. Additionally, this is the House of Romantic Love. The Fifth House could be called the House of Enjoyment.

Simha Rasi (Leo) Element: Fire
A fire gives out light and heat. One candle can lighten a room and it won’t burn faster if ten people read from its light than if there was only one. Fire remains in the moment and will burn with what fuel is available without any forethought. For this reason fire signs can successfully rely on their intuition and survival instincts. The fire of Simha Rasi (Leo) is brilliant and intense. It’s like the summer sun whose heat continues to build over a period of time.

Simha Rasi (Leo) Strength:
Your loving and playful nature is your forte.

Simha Rasi (Leo) Possible Weakness:
Need for approval can assume great importance for you.

Simha Rasi (Leo) Relationship

Simha Rasi (Leo) as a Friend:
You are a mighty good friend. You do not ditch people. You are very warm-hearted and sincere in your friendships. Blessed is the person who has a Simha Rasi (Leo) friend.

Simha Rasi (Leo) as a Father:
Simha Rasi (Leo) is the sign of father and you are the epitome of fatherhood expressing your love to your children. You are a kind, loving, loyal and a splendid father in many ways. You are enthusiastic and always have a childlike quality. You have high expectations from your children. Avoid being too dogmatic with your children and also be careful not rule their lives.

Simha Rasi (Leo) as a Mother:
Simha Rasi (Leo) mother will have the same qualities as the father’s attitudes towards her children. You will manage the boys better than the girls. You will also organize the children’s life to the fullest with out-door activities. Your enthusiasm for motherhood will grow as you become used to the role.

Simha Rasi (Leo) Facts

Lucky Stone(s):Sardonynx, Diamond, Amber, Ruby

Lucky Talisman:
Heart and the Ladybird in Metal Gold

Positive Qualities:
Magnanimous, Self-aware, Dignified, Majestic, Optimistic, Romantic, Aristocratic, Loyal

Negative Qualities:
Violent, Arrogant, Impatient, Boastfulness

Magnanimous, Self-aware, Dignified, Majestic, Optimistic, Romantic, Aristocratic, Loyal, Violent, Arrogant, Impatient, Boastfulness.

Famous Personalities:
Vijayalakshmi Pandit, Neil Armstrong, V.V. Giri, J.R.D.Tata, P.B.Shelly.

Simha Rasi (Leo) Compatibility

Simha Rasi (Leo)-Mesha Rasi (Aries) Compatibility

A Simha Rasi (Leo) is generous and an Arian is open to life. Sharing the same likes and dislikes, they both crave for fun, romance and excitement. A Simha Rasi (Leo) respects an Arian’s need for freedom because an Arian does not interfere much in the life of a Simha Rasi (Leo). Mesha Rasi (Aries) will love the charisma and ideas of the Simha Rasi (Leo). The only problem area in this compatibility field is that both are egotistical. They can really make a good match if they learn to compromise.

Compatibility of Simha Rasi (Leo) Man and Mesha Rasi (Aries) Woman
According to Astrology this love match is almost a perfect one. His outgoing personality will gel well with her desire to explore the unknown. The relationship of the duo will be long lasting. Simha Rasi (Leo) man will go crazy over the intelligent and lively spirit of an Mesha Rasi (Aries) woman. She will drool over him for his romantic and generous nature. Her attempt to protect his vulnerable ego will really seal this relationship sustaining it for a long time. In return he will gift her life with love and trust.

Compatibility of Simha Rasi (Leo) Woman and Mesha Rasi (Aries) Man
The compatibility of an Mesha Rasi (Aries) Man and Simha Rasi (Leo) Woman will be great and they will happily share the limelight with each other. He loves adventure and she will be happy to join him. He loves to explore life and she will always like to be admired by new people in novel territories. Drama and excitement reign supreme when a Simha Rasi (Leo) woman teams up with an Mesha Rasi (Aries) man. This astrological combination is powerfully potent. There will be no lack of compliments as both of them hold back nothing.

Simha Rasi (Leo)-Vrisabha Rasi (Taurus) Compatibility

Strong determination and decision making power are the common characteristics found in both of them. Simha Rasi (Leo) loves to have the attention from the audience and on the contrary Vrisabha Rasi (Taurus) always finds a safe place among the near and dear ones. Some problems may arise due to their personal dispositions and incompatibility. But love and passion are the areas where their compatibility is in a great position. Both are dynamic and energetic creatures so they both should work out the problems.

Compatibility of Simha Rasi (Leo) Man and Vrisabha Rasi (Taurus) Woman
Vrisabha Rasi (Taurus) woman is egoistic in nature and to sustain this relationship for a long-term, she has to make compromises and keep her ego aside. A Simha Rasi (Leo) man with Lion as the symbol will always try to be the center of attention and that may hurt a Vrisabha Rasi (Taurus) woman’s ego. She will have to control her anger and give way to the Simha Rasi (Leo) man. But this love match is not a very bad combination as he will continue to bestow her with love, affection and devotion. A Vrisabha Rasi (Taurus) woman will enjoy the romantic gestures of a Simha Rasi (Leo) man.

Compatibility of Simha Rasi (Leo) Woman and Vrisabha Rasi (Taurus) Man
The thing which strengthens the compatibility of this love match is their passion. Vrisabha Rasi (Taurus) man are usually spendthrift. They do not like to shed the weight of their pocket. But his Simha Rasi (Leo) partner will always be ready to make him pay for her pleasure. But this attitude of each one of them will not be a hurdle as compatibility is high on the love chart as they think that they are made for each other.

Simha Rasi (Leo)-Midhun Rasi (Gemini) Compatibility

Astrologically speaking, a Midhun Rasi (Gemini) and a Simha Rasi (Leo) like to have fun and are adventurous by nature. This love match will like to be in each other’s company. Their conversations may be very interesting. But this is not all, the varied interests of Midhun Rasi (Gemini) may ignite the jealousy in Simha Rasi (Leo). Simha Rasi (Leo)s are more capable of forming long-lasting bonds than Midhun Rasi (Gemini)ans. This may conflict with Midhun Rasi (Gemini)an’s trait of always being on the move. Simha Rasi (Leo)’s fragile ego may get hurt by Midhun Rasi (Gemini)an’s razor sharp tongue.

Compatibility of Simha Rasi (Leo) Man and Midhun Rasi (Gemini) Woman
Astrology says that the love match of a Midhun Rasi (Gemini) woman and a Simha Rasi (Leo) man has good chances of compatibility. They like meeting strangers and love going to parties. She will love his funny sense of humor while he will admire her for her adventurous zeal. This relationship will be filled with romance and passion. To maintain the compatibility of this relationship they will have to complement each other and never stand on the opposite side of the road, whatever might be the temptation.

Compatibility of Simha Rasi (Leo) Woman and Midhun Rasi (Gemini) Man
A great degree of compatibility reflects in the relationship of Midhun Rasi (Gemini) man and Simha Rasi (Leo) woman. Both the individuals of this love match love to be the center of attraction and like socializing. Boredom will never dare to infringe the compatibility of this relationship. However, she will have to shrug her suspicious nature and learn to let him have his own space for movement and in turn he will have to reign in his flirtatious tendencies. She needs to shower him with affection and avoid being jealous.

Simha Rasi (Leo)-Karkatak Rasi (Cancer) Compatibility

Simha Rasi (Leo) and Karkatak Rasi (Cancer) possess different attitudes which tends to hurt their pride. Their compatibility works well as a Simha Rasi (Leo) wants to be leader and a Karkatak Rasi (Cancer) is a faithful follower. This love match may result in a successful marriage. A Simha Rasi (Leo) feels contended when a Karkatak Rasi (Cancer) showers a lot of praises. The compatibility may not get affected due their individual temperament but the relationship may develop well as they like to be in each other’s company.

Compatibility of Simha Rasi (Leo) Man and Karkatak Rasi (Cancer) Woman
Simha Rasi (Leo) men are liberal to share their things. A Simha Rasi (Leo) man loves to spend his time with his partner. The compatibility rates high for this love-match. A Karkatak Rasi (Cancer) woman craves for faith and respect which a Simha Rasi (Leo) man is ready to concede. A Simha Rasi (Leo) man is always on his heels to give support to her when she is facing a tough time. This love-match shows a good compatibility as they respect each other’s emotions. Loyalty and commitment are the parts of their successful relationship.

Compatibility of Simha Rasi (Leo) Woman and Karkatak Rasi (Cancer) Man
This love-match has a great chance of compatibility if the Simha Rasi (Leo) woman and the Karkatak Rasi (Cancer) man try to compromise with each other. Karkatak Rasi (Cancer) men are slushy and lofty whereas Simha Rasi (Leo) women want love and adoration. If he is confident enough to give her the adoration and compliments she requires, this relationship can work out. A Simha Rasi (Leo) man and a Karkatak Rasi (Cancer) woman both have to be very sensitive, though, about the other’s sore spots. Overall, Ganesha says that this match can work out to be a perfect match with some effort.

Simha Rasi (Leo)-Simha Rasi (Leo) Compatibility

Lions have the tendency to be warm, eloquent,romantic and passionate. They crave for appreciation and always like to show ‘larger-than-life’ image. Humbleness and modesty are not their cup of tea. A Simha Rasi (Leo) is trustworthy and loyal but usually are prone to vainglory, rigidness and self-indulgence. Their passionate and romantic nature helps them in love relationship though they share a good compatibility with a very few signs.

Compatibility of Simha Rasi (Leo) Man and Simha Rasi (Leo) Woman
A Simha Rasi (Leo) is a self-centered individual. As both of them want to be the center of attraction and they always try to dominate each other. This compatibility will either result in a great success or a disaster because of their opposite nature. This zodiac match will not work well if any one of them tries to dominate the other. The compatibility can be good only when both the zodiac signs can trust and value each other’s perspectives.

Simha Rasi (Leo)-Kanya Rasi (Virgo) Compatibility

A Kanya Rasi (Virgo) feels shy to express his feeling. But, Simha Rasi (Leo) is proud of his charming nature. The compatibility of this relationship will be affected due to Simha Rasi (Leo)’s pride and Kanya Rasi (Virgo)’s attitude of criticism. Simha Rasi (Leo) always likes to ‘show-off’ and on the contrary Kanya Rasi (Virgo) avoids to be in the limelight. This relationship may work well if both of them are ready to accept each other’s attitude. If Kanya Rasi (Virgo) can teach the lessons of humbleness to his Simha Rasi (Leo) partner then this love-match cannot be proved as a mismatch.

Compatibility of Simha Rasi (Leo) Man and Kanya Rasi (Virgo) Woman
This compatibility has greater chances of success than the compatibility between a Simha Rasi (Leo) woman and a Kanya Rasi (Virgo) man. A Kanya Rasi (Virgo) woman does her work properly and desires that her soul mate should appreciate her work. Simha Rasi (Leo) men are demanding and on the contrary a Kanya Rasi (Virgo) woman may be too admonishing. This love match may be a successful one on the condition that a Kanya Rasi (Virgo) woman does force him to change his attitude.

Compatibility of Simha Rasi (Leo) Woman and Kanya Rasi (Virgo) Man
In the initial stages, this relationship may work well but this match should be avoided. A Simha Rasi (Leo) girl may be too demanding and wishes that her desires should always be fulfilled which is not possible for a Kanya Rasi (Virgo) man. A Simha Rasi (Leo) woman showers flowers of love on him but he may be least bothered about all these things. A Kanya Rasi (Virgo) man may depress his Simha Rasi (Leo) partner by his unusual behaviour. The compatibility of this match is not good.

Simha Rasi (Leo)-Tula Rasi (Libra) Compatibility

The thing that attributes for the greater compatibility of this love match is that both the signs like to complement each other. Simha Rasi (Leo) and Tula Rasi (Libra) love to attend social gatherings. They like to engage themselves in romance and act as lovers. This love match is strong enough to face adverse situations due to their opposite individual characters. This pair likes to enjoy candlelit dinners, long drives, dancing, etc.

Compatibility of Simha Rasi (Leo) Man and Tula Rasi (Libra) Woman
The relationship will be full of love, romance, passion, fun and excitement. Even their chemistry will be great and there will be no problems. A Tula Rasi (Libra) woman lacks the ability to make decisions which a Simha Rasi (Leo) man can do perfectly. Therefore, this love match has a good compatibility. She adores the beautiful things in life and he will be on her side. Tula Rasi (Libra) women like to buy antiques and their male counter part are always ready to shed their pockets.

Compatibility of Simha Rasi (Leo) Woman and Tula Rasi (Libra) Man
This love match is a rare one which is truly a made in heaven match. Both Simha Rasi (Leo) man and Tula Rasi (Libra) woman feel free to express their inner feelings without any hesitation. His strong need for attention is well balanced by her unselfish, devoted nature. As a Tula Rasi (Libra) man is one of the most romantic Sun sign, the Simha Rasi (Leo) woman is fortunate to have him has her love match. As they share common characteristics, this relationship has a very good compatibility.

Simha Rasi (Leo)-Vrishchika Rasi (Scorpio) Compatibility

Simha Rasi (Leo) are arrogant and proud whereas Vrishchika Rasi (Scorpio)ns are possessive and jealous. The union usually gets heated-up and could end in a bitter relationship. Both will be drawn to each other’s fascination but their anger will make it difficult to bear with one another. Simha Rasi (Leo)’s dominance and majestic attitude to love may not be tolerated by a Vrishchika Rasi (Scorpio)n. Ganesha also warns that the alliance of these zodiac signs may give out hazardous results.

Compatibility of Simha Rasi (Leo) Man and Vrishchika Rasi (Scorpio) Woman
A Simha Rasi (Leo) man exhibits grand love and believes in king-style living. A Vrishchika Rasi (Scorpio) woman does not care for his show-off for love rather would be more inclined if he shows care and affection. Both are strong and aggressive and neither of them would like to bend nor compromise. Vrishchika Rasi (Scorpio) woman will be entralled by Simha Rasi (Leo) man’s powerful and fearless personality. However, for a Simha Rasi (Leo) man, honesty and devotion are meaningless. All in all, not a good match.

Compatibility of Simha Rasi (Leo) Woman and Vrishchika Rasi (Scorpio) Man
A Simha Rasi (Leo) woman will wander for love and also will not be able to satisfy a Vrishchika Rasi (Scorpio) man’s over demanding behavior. The love match of a Simha Rasi (Leo) woman is not compatible with a Vrishchika Rasi (Scorpio) man. The Vrishchika Rasi (Scorpio) man in his indignation could ignite a fight with the Simha Rasi (Leo) woman. He will admire her love and patience but will become berserk if he found that it is only a show of love. The Simha Rasi (Leo) woman will get the needed attention from the Vrishchika Rasi (Scorpio) man.

Simha Rasi (Leo)-Dhanur Rasi (Sagittarius) Compatibility

The relationship between Simha Rasi (Leo) and Dhanur Rasi (Sagittarius) is a romantic one. Simha Rasi (Leo) and Dhanur Rasi (Sagittarius) share the warm relationship. The possessiveness of a Simha Rasi (Leo) may not allow a Dhanur Rasi (Sagittarius) to enjoy their freedom. Simha Rasi (Leo) and Dhanur Rasi (Sagittarius) form an attractive love match as they enjoy freedom, adventure and meeting new people.Sometimes the flirtatious nature of Dhanur Rasi (Sagittarius) may evoke the feeling of jealousy in Simha Rasi (Leo) which can create minor problems in their compatibility.

Compatibility of Simha Rasi (Leo) Man and Dhanur Rasi (Sagittarius) Woman
The compatibility of this love match works very well as both the individuals share many common characteristics. Simha Rasi (Leo) men and Dhanur Rasi (Sagittarius) women like to be in the limelight. Their mutual understanding helps them to have romantic moments to cherish for life time. As time advances their relationship becomes stronger and stronger. This relationship will be a true soul mate match.

Compatibility of Simha Rasi (Leo) Woman and Dhanur Rasi (Sagittarius) Man
This love match shares a wonderful physical chemistry. Both of them like to have fun and they can live the life to the fullest. A Simha Rasi (Leo) woman has to be cautious so has to keep a check on the flirtatious nature of a Dhanur Rasi (Sagittarius) man. A Dhanur Rasi (Sagittarius) man has a fervent and passionate nature which is also shared by her and makes their compatibility a good one. Ignoring certain drawbacks in this relationship this match will be a great one.

Simha Rasi (Leo)-Makhara Rasi (Capricorn) Compatibility

A Simha Rasi (Leo) and a Makhara Rasi (Capricorn) do not have any features in common for a good compatibility. Simha Rasi (Leo) always involves himself in luxuries but a Makhara Rasi (Capricorn) always want to have some savings. Their dissimilarities do not contribute to a good compatibility. A Makhara Rasi (Capricorn) lives a constrained and aloof life. But, a Simha Rasi (Leo) is very sentimental and emotional. Their relationship can go a long way if they try to over look their short comings. Commitment and loyalty are the features which can support their relationship.

Compatibility of Simha Rasi (Leo) Man and Makhara Rasi (Capricorn) Woman
This match has to put into efforts to make the relationship work well. Combativeness and lavish nature of a Simha Rasi (Leo) man will not match the nature of a Makhara Rasi (Capricorn) woman. A Makhara Rasi (Capricorn) woman likes to be reserved but a Simha Rasi (Leo) man wants to be in the limelight. The duo approach the world positively which helps their relationship to develop. Enviousness, possessiveness or isolation should not become the part of their characteristic for the compatibility to work smoothly.

Compatibility of Simha Rasi (Leo) Woman and Makhara Rasi (Capricorn) Man
Simha Rasi (Leo) women are gratuitous and free in nature but Makhara Rasi (Capricorn) men are dull in nature. This love match does not show a good compatibility. A Simha Rasi (Leo) woman is energetic and takes life as it comes but a Makhara Rasi (Capricorn) man does not like to indulge himself in social gatherings as he has a reserved nature. Certainly a mismatch which may not work out to be a love match. The only good part of this relationship is that both have mutual respect towards each other.

Simha Rasi (Leo)-Kumbh Rasi (Aquarius) Compatibility

The compatibility of this pair is not so bad. The physical chemistry of this love match is great but to make this relationship work they have to shed their ego. Confidence and intellectual power of Kumbh Rasi (Aquarius) may attract a Simha Rasi (Leo) who shows physical attraction. Even though Simha Rasi (Leo) and Kumbh Rasi (Aquarius) do not share most of the things in common they enjoy a fair compatibility. Sometimes Simha Rasi (Leo)’s pride may be injured due to Kumbh Rasi (Aquarius) flak nature.

Compatibility of Simha Rasi (Leo) Man and Kumbh Rasi (Aquarius) Woman
A good relation may develop if a Simha Rasi (Leo) man will respect her liberty and discreteness and she has to understand his need for intimacy. The compatibility of this love match works well due to their strong physical nature. Their unique talents may encourage them to cherish the great moments of life. A Simha Rasi (Leo) man is concerned about himself whereas an Kumbh Rasi (Aquarius) woman is worried about the problems of the world. This combo will work if they adore each other. The relationship has a good start but may end up in a whirl.

Compatibility of Simha Rasi (Leo) Woman and Kumbh Rasi (Aquarius) Man
Kumbh Rasi (Aquarius) man feels that this relation is a burden. On the contrary Simha Rasi (Leo) woman tries to have him in thralldom. This match is not a good one. Kumbh Rasi (Aquarius) man has a sarcastic nature which may boil the criticism in her. In that case both have to shed their clothes of amour. The relationship can go a little longer way if they give affection and warmth to each other. This relationship can enjoy the different colours of life due to their opposite nature.

Simha Rasi (Leo)-Meena Rasi (Pisces) Compatibility

Simha Rasi (Leo) will always like to be a ruler of the family and Meena Rasi (Pisces) will never mind as they want to be back seated. Meena Rasi (Pisces) readily agrees to the decisions made by the Lions. This is the positive point which builds up the strong affection between them. Simha Rasi (Leo) appreciates her tranquility and compassion whereas she is fascinated by his muscle power. This helps the love match to have a high compatibility. Simha Rasi (Leo) has to put in efforts to know his Meena Rasi (Pisces) partner as they have a reserved nature. Their is no place for quarrels in this relationship.

Compatibility of Simha Rasi (Leo) Man and Meena Rasi (Pisces) Woman
The relationship of this pair may not be successful due to their opposite poles. Simha Rasi (Leo) is arrogant and extrovert in nature. Meena Rasi (Pisces) has the nature to make fun of others and point out the weaknesses of others. Simha Rasi (Leo) man and Meena Rasi (Pisces) woman may gratify their friendship life long but the compatibility of this love match can lead to a mismatch. In spite of these controversies, they love to share music, art, dance and the beautiful moments of life.

Compatibility of Simha Rasi (Leo) Woman and Meena Rasi (Pisces) Man
Romantic and passionate nature of this individuals waters this relationship to grow to the fullest. The invincible nature of a Simha Rasi (Leo) woman may bind this relationship to cherish the long-term compatibility. If fights are put at a bay then they can enjoy the dish of love every day. A Simha Rasi (Leo) woman and a Meena Rasi (Pisces) man form a supreme love pair. But, sometimes a clash may arouse due to the selfish nature of a Meena Rasi (Pisces) man which may not suit with the generous nature of a Simha Rasi (Leo) woman.

సింహ రాశి

పూజించ వలసిన దేవుడు        :     శ్రీ రాముడు  అదృష్ట రంగు                           :     కాషాయము సరిపడని రంగు                       :     నలుపు
అదృష్ట దిక్కు                          :     తూర్పు అదృష్ట రత్నము                      :     కెంపు
బరువు క్యారెట్లు                       :     3 క్యారెట్లు
పనికి రాని వారము                  :     శని వారము
అదృష్ట వారము                        :    ఆదివారము  రత్నము దరించ వలసిన వ్రేలు   :    ఉంగరపు దర్శించ వలసిన దేవలలయము :   శ్రీ రామ దేవాలయము      గ్రహ తత్వము                            :  అగ్ని 

సింహ రాశి స్వభావం

బేసి, స్థిరరాశి, అగ్నితత్వము, గర్జించు సింహము ఈ రాశికి చిహ్నము. అభిమానము, పట్టుదల, ఆదర్శము, అందరినీ మించవలెనను కుతూహలము, తమమాటను ఇతరులు పాటించినచో బాగుపడుదురను నమ్మకం. చురుకుతనం, తొందరపాటు, ప్రథమ లోపము, పశ్చాత్తాపం, హృదయ వైశాల్యము, ఆపేక్ష వీరి స్వభావమునకు పునాదులు. ఏనాడును, ఎట్టి పరిస్థితులలో ఓటమి నంగీకరింప కుండుట, ఇతరులను ఒక మార్గమున నడపవలెనను కాంక్ష నిరాశ చెందకుండుట వీరికి గల మంచి లక్షణములు, ఆవేశము మాత్రం ఎక్కువ. దానివలననే వారు చిక్కులు ఎదుర్కొనవలసి వస్తుంది. వీరికి తెలియకుండా బాధ్యతలు తలపై వేసుకొని చిరకాలము బాధపడుతుంటారు.
వీరి అభిమానము, దురభిమానం కాకుండా చూచుకొనవలసినబాధ్యత వీరిపై ఉన్నది. ఒక వర్గమునకో, పక్షమునకో (పార్టీ) మతమునకో వీరి అధికారము కట్టుబడినచో వీరావర్గమునకు ఆనతి (తక్కువ) కాలములో అధికారస్థానము పొందగలరు. కానీ వీరి సామర్థ్యం సంకుచితమగును. సర్వమానవ సౌభ్రాత్వత్వము, జీవిత ప్రాథమిక సత్యములను నమ్మి వీరు అవలబించుట సర్వదా శ్రేయోదాయకం. వీరి పథకములలో ఇతరులు సుఖపడుట జరుగును. వీరే స్థితియందున్ననూ వీరి నాశ్రయించువారు వీరిపై ఆధారపడువారు. వీరికి లొంగినవారు, వీరి అడుగు జాడలలో నడచువారు ఎప్పుడునూ ఉందురు.
వీరికి భావ తీవ్రత అధికం. వీరి ప్రజ్ఞ సునిశితము మరియు అతివేగంగా పనిచేయును. అనగా అతి విమర్శ వీరి మనస్సుకు పనికిరాదు. వీరి వేగమునకు వాడితనమునకు తట్టుకొనలేనివారిపై క్షణములో కోపించుదుర్గుణము కలదు. దాని వలన చాలా నష్టము వీరికి కలుగును.
ఐహిక సంబంధములలో వీరికి చాలా నిగ్రహమా వశ్యకము. లేనిచో పరాజయము తప్పదు. సమాజములో ఎక్కువమంది వీరి దృష్టికి కనిపించదు. వీరికి నచ్చని విషయములు ఎక్కువమందిలో వీరికి కనిపించుచుండును. వానిపై వీరి మనస్సు నిలిచినచో తప్పులు పట్టుట, న్యాయము పేరుతో కోపగించుకొనుట, గిల్లికజ్జాలు పెట్టుకొనుట, పోరాడి వెనుకకు మరలివచ్చుట, ఉద్యోగాది జీవనోపాధి మార్గములు దెబ్బతినుట, జీవితము కష్టముల పాలగుట సంభవించవచ్చును.
ఎవరేతప్పు చేసినాను, అంగీకరించినచో క్షమింతురు. రహస్య గోపనము చేసినవారిని నాశనము చేయగలరు. వీరికి కోపము కలిగించు ప్రధానాంశములు రెండు. 1. గుట్టు, గుంభన, చాటుమాటుతనము, 2. నమ్మకముతో మోసం చేయుట, ఇతరుల సంబంధమున వీరికి ప్రేమయో, ద్వేషమో ఉండుట సాధ్యముకాని, లౌక్యముతో మంచిగా కాలక్షేపము చేయుట వీరికి సాధ్యపడదు. మానవత్వముపై మంచితనముపై వీరికి అంతులేని నమ్మకమున్నది. క్రొత్తవారిని వీరు నమ్మకుండా నుండలేరు. జాలి కలిగించే దృశ్యము కనిపించినచో వీరు కష్టముల పాలైనా బాధ్యతలను వహించి సహాయం చేయుదురు. దాని వలన కొంతమంది కపటజాలి చూపి వీరికి మోసము చేయు అవకాశమున్నది.
మోసము చేయుట, నమ్మించి నట్టేట కపట ప్రేమ చూపుట వీరి స్వభావములో లేవు, అందరూ వీరి మాటలకు లోబడవలెనని, అందరికన్నా, తెలివైనవారని వీరి నమ్మకం. వీరి కంఠధ్వని ఇతరులనాకర్శించును. వీరి వాక్యములు సూత్రప్రాయములు, ఆలోచనాత్మకమై ఉండును. డబ్బు, ఆస్తి పాస్తులు, అధికారము వీరి దృష్టిలో ఏమంత విలువైనవికావు. కాని కీర్తి దాహము, ప్రచార కాంక్ష అను రెండు విషయములలో మాత్రము వీరు లొంగిపోవుదురు. డాంబికత్వము, ఇతరులు పొగడవలెనను కోరిక వీరిని వీరు శ్లాఘించుకొనుట (పొగుడుకొనుట) అనులక్షణములు అధీనములో ఉన్న వీరంతటివారుండరు.
వైద్యవృత్తికి సంబంధించిన అన్ని శాఖలు వీరికి అనుకూలములు. బాధలో నున్నవారిని రక్షించు వృత్తుల శాఖలలో వీరు రాణింతురు. వ్యాపార సంస్థలలో ప్రచారమునకు సంబంధించిన వృత్తులు కూడా మంచివి. ఔషదముల రసాయన ద్రవ్యముల, వస్తు ప్రదర్శనశాలల నిర్వహణ, టూరింగ్ ఏజంట్లుగా పనిచేయుట, వీరికి సరిపడు వృత్తులు ఇంకను వాగ్ధాటికి, ఉపన్యాసాదులను, సాహిత్యమునకు, శాస్త్రబోధనకు, సాంకేతిక విద్యలక్రమశిక్షణకు సంబంధించిన వృత్తులలో కూడా వీరు రాణింతురు. మొత్తము మీద వీరు ఉద్యోగములో కన్న, వ్యాపారాదులలోనే ఎక్కువగా రాణింతురు. ఒకరి క్రిందపని చేయు చిన్న ఉద్యోగములలో వీరికి చిక్కులుండును. అధికారులతో వీరికి మంచి సంబంధములు కుదరవు. ఈ విషయంలో కొంచెం నిగ్రహం తప్పనిసరి.
ఆదర్శవంతమైన స్త్రీని వివాహమాడి, ప్రేమదేవతగా ఆరాధింపవలెనను ఆదర్శం వీరికుండును. సామాన్యముగా ఈ విషయమున వీరికాశాభంగము కలుగగలదు. త్వరపడి ఆవేశమున అపాత్ర (తగని) వ్యక్తిని వివాహము చేసుకొనుట, వీరపేక్షించిన ప్రేమతత్త్వము లభించనప్పుడు, జీవితసౌధము కూలిపోయినట్లు వీరు బాధపడుటకు జరుగుటకు అవకాశమున్నది. వీరికి స్త్రీ జనాకర్షణ ఎక్కువ, వీరి ఆవేశముచే ఆకర్షింపబడిన కొందరి స్త్రీలతో సులభంగా ప్రణయ కలాపములు కలుగు అవకాశమున్నది. వీరి శీలముపై వీరి ప్రేమ సామాన్యము ఆధారపడి ఉన్నది.
చిన్నతనమున జ్వరబాధలు, వడగాల్పుల క్రిందపడి దెబ్బతగిలించుకొనుట, అగ్నిప్రమాదములు సంభవించగలవు. యవ్వదశలో జీర్ణకోశబాధలు, కడుపునొప్పి, తలనొప్పి, పార్శ్వపునొప్పులు, కంటిజబ్బులు కలుగవచ్చును. నడివయస్సునుండి శరీరము స్థూలమై, అతి శ్రమవలన గుండె జబ్బు రక్తపోటు (బి.పి) కంటిచూపు మందగించుట కలుగవచ్చును. శరీర వ్యాయామము ఆరుబయట విహారము వీరికి ఆరోగ్యము కలిగించును.
రాశిలో జన్మించు స్త్రీలకు విద్యలో ప్రావీణ్యం సులభముగా కలుగును, పిల్లలను పెంచుట, క్రమశిక్షణనిచ్చుట వీరికి వెన్నతోపెట్టిన విద్యలు. ఈ బాధ్యతలను విడిచి, సాంఘికముగా పురోగమించు కోరిక కొందరికి కలుగును. అటువంటి స్త్రీలకు, ఇల్లు సంబంధిత వ్యవహారములు పట్టవు. వీరిలో కొంతమంది దేశపర్యటన చేసి అనేక వింతలను విశేషములను చూడగలరు.