Mithun Rasi Ring – Gemini Ring మిథున రాశి ఉంగరం மிதுன ராசி மோதிரம்


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MithunRashi in Teluguమిథున రాశి

MithunaRasi in Tamil மிதுன ராசி

To get good knowledge, better Job, happy love and married life, blessed with children, good health, to get rid of obstacles in business and career, Mithuna Rasi People are recommended to wear the Mithun Rasi Ring or Pendant.

MithunRasi (Gemini) Horoscope

Sanskrit Name : Mithun
Meaning of Name : The Twins
Type : Air-Mutable-Positive
Lord : Mercury
Lucky Color : Orange, Lemon, Yellow
Lucky Day : Wednesday
Lucky Number : 5, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50


MithunRasi (Gemini) Description


[Mithuna(Gemini)Rashi holds Veena and Gada (mace) and represents the hands and shoulders of KaalPurusha (Ursha major). The places of dance, music, artgalaries, artists, and entertainments are enveloped in its residence.]

The third sign in the RashichakraMithunaRashi(Gemini) is the one who will be quick to tell you all about it because the one thing they adore is to talk, almost endlessly!

Ruled as they are by the Planet Budha (Mercury), Mithuna(Gemini) exhibit a delicious brand of mercurial energy. They are quick thinking, quick-witted and fast on their feet. It’s their curiousity and cleverness that make them such a hit at cocktail parties. But they are not just good talkers – they also love to listen and learn. However, any social setting is good enough for a Mithuna(Gemini) since these folks are charming, congenial, and love to share themselves with their friends.

Mithuna(Gemini) mind drives them to talk, to converse and it is not always just idle chatter. They need more and more information to feed their intellectual inclinations. They probe endlessly for more information as the more it collects the better. They are supremely interested in developing their relationships. Sharing that knowledge later on with those they love is also a lot of fun. Mithuna(Gemini) are bright, quick-witted and is at the centre-stage in any party. Although rational and practical, they also have a surplus of imagination. However the fact that they are unsure which twin will show up half the time they are often considered fickle and restless. They can be moody and act on simple whims. While their effusiveness may be misconstrued as scheming by some, Mithuna(Gemini) generally have their hearts in the right place. It is this ample energy, which can also paint them as scatterbrained and unfocused but, behind all that restlessness, they are usually busy filing all that information away.

Funny, brimming with life, full of ideas, adorable, inconsistent, capricious, superficial, they are a bundle of maddening contradictions. They may deal in everything and are ‘know-alls’, but at the same time they also have the ability to master skills. Mithuna(Gemini) are versatile and have an amazing grasp of the subject they choose, although it may not interest them for long. They prize intellect and consider it to be the key to all things. At work, they are the clearest of thinkers, suggesting logical and well-thought-out ideas which make them an asset to any team. Their greatest strength lies in their ability to communicate effectively and to think clearly. Adventures of the mind are what the Twins are all about.

Bestowed with a cheerful face easily detectable from signs of anxiety, tension or unhappiness the MithunRasi (Gemini) face is a dead give-away when they try to hide sorrow behind their brand of wit and humour. If even for a short while, romancing a MithunRasi (Gemini) is likely to be interesting, adventurous and fun, but the fickle, almost uncaring attitude will manage to break many hearts before they finally settle down. Although affectionate Mithuna(Gemini) ) can be extreme flirts, But be sure that the partner shares the Mithuna(Gemini) sense of humour. Mithuna(Gemini) never stray if the family life is satisfying. However it is best not to rush headlong into marriage; give adequate thought before popping the question. Tula Rasi (Libra), KumbhaRasi (Aquarius), fellow MithunaRasi (Gemini) , and MeshaRasi (Aries) are best suited as life partners for MithunaRasi (Gemini).


MithunRasi (Gemini)Decans


Born between May 22 and May 31: If the person is born between these days, the planetary ruler is Mercury. The nature would be sociable, dependable and friends can benefit from their ideas. This person should go for the graphic arts. The person is practical and mostly works for a social cause. Mental brilliance would be exceptional.

Born between June 1 and June 11 :If the person is born between these days, the planetary ruler is Venus. The person would be objective about matters and try to reach to the root of it. The person would like to make other people happy and even enjoy it however he must see that it does not rule his life.

Born between June 12 and June 21: If the person is born between these days, the planetary ruler is both Saturn and Uranus. The person has a certain type of toughness to stand against all onslaughts. The person would be tempered like steel. The person would have a lot of creativity as well.


MithunRasi (Gemini) Career


The MithunRasi (Gemini)s, or the Twins as they are called, are very talkative, so they love to communicate, meet people and see different places. They love to travel and always to be on the move. They really don’t feel very comfortable in a leadership position, or in a profession that compels them to stay in the same place most of the time, since many of them, by nature, are foot-loose and fancy free. Their favourite activities are to unite people with mutual interests, to operate as an intermediary or to be of some service to other people. Born with the gift of the gab, they also tend to be good communicators.

MithunRasi (Gemini) is an Air sign, which means Twin natives are curious, sociable and mentally sharp. All occupations that stimulate their intellect and offer the possibility of communicating will be very suitable for them. They need variety, change, travel and the exchange of ideas. They have the ability to multi-task. However, they need to learn to be consistent, patient and to control their rapid thought process. If you are a MithunRasi (Gemini), or have a loved one born under this Sign, we suggest, you don’t let your (or their) communication skills be squandered.

The MithunRasi (Gemini)s are very curious and always hunting for more information. Their youthful and jovial attitude helps them to easily get on the same wavelength with others. They may be a bit immature and naive in their judgements, which many times could lead to entanglements in problems or into complicated situations. However they generally wriggle out of tight situations with the help of their quick wit and original ideas.

Some of their traits which can adversely affect their careers are restlessness, anxiety and nervousness which sometimes makes them impatient and don’t permit them to successfully complete their projects. They need to learn to be more persevering, not to get influenced by the ideas and opinions others, not to talk too much about their tasks and let their actions speak more than their words. They should also avoid getting entangled in gossiping. Their office is likely to be filled with all kinds of phones, computers, fax machines, and various other gadgets. The purpose of their life is to unite people, disseminate information, sponsor businesses, to create solutions, and to teach – so any career which calls for these qualities would suit them well.


MithunRasi (Gemini) Romance


Element : Air

Quality : Mutable; Masculine; Positive

Ruling Planet : Mercury

Declaration : ‘I think’

Lessons to give in love : Awareness and intellectual stimulation. Versatility, readiness for experimentation and open-mindedness.

Lessons to learn in love : Appreciation for the intangible, warm and tender side of love.

Personality : The toddler in MithunRasi (Gemini) understands, appreciates and values his autonomy and new-found independence. Communication is new and very enchanting and intoxicating, as it allows them to catch others’ attention. Most MithunRasi (Gemini)s love to talk, and manage to leave others smitten in the process. MithunRasi (Gemini) wishes to break the barriers of familiarity. A strong urge to run at the first instance to explore the world follows. And, hence comes the duality. The toddler runs away, then stops and looks back at the security of his home, and is left torn between the world that beckons him, and the nest that is familiar and safe. Alert, perceptive and versatile MithunRasi (Gemini) longs to traverse the mystical path, and keeps analysing and dissecting the actions of the world.

Love for MithunRasi (Gemini)is : conformity that does bring happiness and pleasure, yet can be a hindrance to complete freedom. In positive sense, love becomes an enjoyable bond for the MithunRasi (Gemini). When negatively viewed, it may cause resentment, as the MithunRasi (Gemini) may come to view love as restrictive. The negative traits of MithunRasi (Gemini) – shallow behaviour, glib talking, deception, duality, unreliability – may become pronounced, if a MithunRasi (Gemini) continues to see love and relationships as binding, mere obligations that are barriers to his freedom and independence.


When in Love :MithunRasi (Gemini) are versatile, entertaining, inquisitive and stimulating. Their candid, amicable personalities make them great companions. Spending hours simply chatting and interacting with their loved one is always on their agenda. MithunRasi (Gemini), however, are prone to bouts of restlessness and recklessness. Impractical, impatient and inconsistent when under such spells, they may attempt to run away from love. As aforementioned, also prone to feelings of duality about love and relationships, they may love the pleasure, amusement and warmth the love brings him, and the next moment may resent it with full force.


MithunRasi (Gemini) Lifestyle


MithunRasi (Gemini) Physical Attributes:
The Twins are taller than average and slim with a pale complexion. They have bright eyes, light hair, thin nose, pointed chin and long arms, with an expression which conveys that they are in control of their situation, and relaxed. But they can change their expressions to suit the circumstances, and their best interests. Their speech is rapid but articulate.

MithunRasi (Gemini) Health:
The Twins are over-active, and prone to anxiety and insomnia cause by working too hard. They need to eat well and sleep well. They are prone to respiratory problems or asthma when young, and flu and viral infections as they grow older. Their arms and legs may also be afflicted by a restlessness sometimes, for which they should exercise regularly.

MithunRasi (Gemini)Beautyscope:
The colours yellow and orange are most suitable for the Twins. The attractiveness of their bright eyes can be enhanced by applying mascara. Beige or brown lipstick add a touch of class to their persona. Miniskirts and sleeveless tops go well with their pale complexion.

MithunRasi (Gemini) Food:
The Twins need foods that keep their lungs and nervous system healthy. Spinach, tomatoes, oranges, green beans, celery, apricot, plums, carrots, cauliflower, coconut and wheat gram are good for them. They should lay off caffeinated or carbonated drinks and, of course, avoid smoking like the plague.

MithunRasi (Gemini) Habits:
The hyperactive Twins can sometimes develop this tendency to continuously bite their nails. This can make them seem to be extremely self-conscious and even anxious. Activities which keep their fingers busy like knitting or hitting the keyboard can help. Getting periodic manicures done can also help them overcome this habit.


MithunRasi (Gemini) Nature


MithunRasi (Gemini) symbolizes dual nature. MithunRasi (Gemini)ans have an easy acceptance of opposites. MithunRasi (Gemini)ans may like two things which may be opposite to each other. You MithunRasi (Gemini)ans are curious, versatile, garrulous and have mental alacrity. MithunRasi (Gemini)ans, the champion among the cocktail party chatters, have the ease to bounce around from one topic to another. You are also a winner in lighthearted social encounters. For some the MithunRasi (Gemini)an’s company may seem to be fun while others may see MithunRasi (Gemini) as shallow due to their dexterity to change with the changing winds. Your razor-sharp wit will have you verbally dueling with opponents, who after some moments are your best of friends. Do not fly speedily through life, take time to smell the flowers.

MithunRasi (Gemini) Key Planet: Mercury
MithunRasi (Gemini) is linked with Mercury, the planet of childhood and youth. It revolves around the Sun faster than any other planet. It symbolizes our thoughts and the way we communicate them. It symbolizes our alert and rational mind. This key planet of MithunRasi (Gemini) is impatient and changeable. It drives us to talk and also listen, but it may not necessarily lead you to action.

Third House: Communication
The third house symbolizes communication and all aspects related to it. According to traditional thought third house also includes the type of interactions which take place between siblings. It also is the representative of short-distance travel and trips.

MithunRasi (Gemini) Element: Air
The element of MithunRasi (Gemini), air, represents movement. With an alert mind and a good command of language, the MithunRasi (Gemini)ans are born communicators. MithunRasi (Gemini)ans with their element of air are thinkers. They emphasize the intellect over other functions. As the breath of spring, they can be light and breezy, but their words can also carry the strength of a strong wind. The air of MithunRasi (Gemini) keeps changing the directions. It’s a metaphor for how our brain solves a puzzle with the help of different approaches.

MithunRasi (Gemini) Strength:
MithunRasi (Gemini)ains greatest strength is inquisitiveness about various interests.

MithunRasi (Gemini) Weakness:
The most of the important tasks loose your focus and this becomes your weakness.


MithunRasi (Gemini) Relationship


MithunRasi (Gemini) as a Friend:
You are a good friend and can return love and respond beautifully to a little appreciation. You are young at heart and are often the life of a group. You excel in maintaining human relationships.

MithunRasi (Gemini) as a Father:
As a father, a MithunRasi (Gemini)an will have no problem at all as far as the generation gap is concerned. The MithunRasi (Gemini)an’s outlook on life could well be far ahead then his children. You should avoid being overly critical with your children’s efforts.

MithunRasi (Gemini) as a Mother:
As a mother, a MithunRasi (Gemini)an mother is lively and stimulating. You can manage a career along with the upbringing of your children beautifully. You are an excellent mother in many ways.


MithunRasi (Gemini) Facts


Lucky Stone(s):
Topaz, Emerald, Agate

Lucky Talisman:
Quick Silver

Positive Qualities:
Mental Brilliance, Diplomacy, Vivacity, Enthusiasm, Tact, Cheerfulness, Witty and Versatile.

Negative Qualities:
Prevaricate, Indecisive, Lazy and Untidy

Mental Brilliance, Diplomacy, Vivacity, Enthusiasm, Tact, Cheerfulness, Witty, Versatile, Prevaricate, Indecisive, Lazy and Untidy.

Famous Personalities
: Bob Hope, John Wayne, Nargis, Sunil Dutt, Paul McCartney, George Fernandes


MithunRasi (Gemini) Compatibility


MithunRasi (Gemini)-MeshaRasi (Aries) Compatibility


The theorem of astrology says that MeshaRasi (Aries) and MithunRasi (Gemini) have a zero tolerance for boredom and will at once get rid of anything dull. An Arian will let a MithunRasi (Gemini)an enjoy his personal freedom and the MithunRasi (Gemini) will respect his individuality. Even though the love match of MeshaRasi (Aries) and MithunRasi (Gemini) individuals seems hunky dory it has few compatibility problems from the astrological point of view. The slow speed with which MithunRasi (Gemini) completes a conversation makes the impatient MeshaRasi (Aries) irritated.

Compatibility of MithunRasi (Gemini) Man and MeshaRasi (Aries) Woman

A high energy combination sharing mutual interests. His charisma and romantic style will impress her. He will be fascinated by everything about her. The love match between An MeshaRasi (Aries) woman and a MithunRasi (Gemini) man is an exciting one. Excitement and adventure will rule their world. Astrology also sees this relationship as not a problem free one. She will have to control her flirtatious nature or there may be serious problems between the two.

Compatibility of MithunRasi (Gemini) Woman and MeshaRasi (Aries) Man

Astrology says the MeshaRasi (Aries) man and MithunRasi (Gemini) woman embrace challenges, variety and adventure. Boredom never dares to encroach upon the excitement in this relationship. The compatibility between them does not get affected by the heated arguments. Her need for constant communication gets fulfilled by him. They both keep each other busy. This relationship thrives on adventures and thrills. Together, they will explore, talk, love and have lots and lots of fun.


MithunRasi (Gemini)-MithunRasi (Gemini) Compatibility


MithunRasi (Gemini) individuals always display dual personalities. In one moment they will be happy, somber in the second and extremely nervous in the very next moment. Mercury instills adaptability, versatility inconsistency and impatience. MithunRasi (Gemini)ans are garrulous. They are clever individuals always in search of mental stimulation. They cannot remain interested in a single topic for too long and have a phobia of commitment. This sign clicks well with SimhaRasi (Leo), Tula Rasi (Libra), KumbhaRasi (Aquarius) and MeshaRasi (Aries).

Compatibility of MithunRasi (Gemini) Man and MithunRasi (Gemini) Woman

The result of this love match is endless fun and energy. Both the individuals are witty, talkative and adventurous. They like variety and sticking to a single thing makes them bored. Two MithunRasi (Gemini) individuals wrapped in a relationship can keep each other amused for a long time. But this is not all. They may find it tough to stick to anything for too long. The tendency of a MithunRasi (Gemini)an to think from the mind, rather than the heart, may also create compatibility problems in this love match.


MithunRasi (Gemini)-KarkatakaRasi (Cancer) Compatibility


This love match does not have much in common with one another. They have their own approach towards solving problems. A KarkatakaRasi (Cancer)ian believes in action while a MithunRasi (Gemini)an believes in mere words. On the positive side the wit, humor and intellect of the MithunRasi (Gemini) will appeal to the Crab and will make this match a love match. The KarkatakaRasi (Cancer)ian in turn will provide the stability and depth. Sometimes the flirtatious nature of MithunRasi (Gemini) may make KarkatakaRasi (Cancer) feel jealous and insecure.

Compatibility of MithunRasi (Gemini) Man and KarkatakaRasi (Cancer) Woman

A KarkatakaRasi (Cancer)ian woman will be lured by the enthusiasm and energy of a MithunRasi (Gemini) man. On the other hand her charisma and sensitive manners will charm a MithunRasi (Gemini) man. But as the relationship develops more and more differences will start cropping up. His rationality may not gel well with her emotional nature and his aversion from commitment may make her feel insecure. Ganesha feels that it’s important to be a source of comfort for each other, rather than a part of the problem.

Compatibility of MithunRasi (Gemini) Woman and KarkatakaRasi (Cancer) Man

KarkatakaRasi (Cancer) boys are clingy. His suspicious nature may make him accuse her of being interested in other men and thus may harm the compatibility. Her explanations may not convince him thus making her tired of the KarkatakaRasi (Cancer) guy. Initial attraction may arise from KarkatakaRasi (Cancer) boy’s passionate nature. He is born for commitments and there is no place for long lasting bonds in her dictionary. She needs to control her flirtatious nature and give her love and support which a KarkatakaRasi (Cancer)ian yearns for.


MithunRasi (Gemini)-SimhaRasi (Leo) Compatibility


Astrologically speaking, a MithunRasi (Gemini) and a SimhaRasi (Leo) like to have fun and are adventurous by nature. This love match will like to be in each other’s company. Their conversations may be very interesting. But this is not all, the varied interests of MithunRasi (Gemini) may ignite jealousy in SimhaRasi (Leo). SimhaRasi (Leo)s are more capable of forming long-lasting bonds than MithunRasi (Gemini)ans. This may conflict with MithunRasi (Gemini)an’s trait of always being on the move. SimhaRasi (Leo)’s fragile ego may get hurt by MithunRasi (Gemini)an’s razor sharp tongue.

Compatibility of MithunRasi (Gemini) Man and SimhaRasi (Leo) Woman

A great degree of compatibility reflects in the relationship of MithunRasi (Gemini) man and SimhaRasi (Leo) woman. Both the individuals of this love match love to be the center of attraction and like socializing. Boredom will never dare to infringe the compatibility of this relationship. However, she will have to shrug her suspicious nature and learn to let him have his own space for movement and in turn he will have to reign in his flirtatious tendencies. She needs to shower him with affection and avoid being jealous.

Compatibility of MithunRasi (Gemini) Woman and SimhaRasi (Leo) Man

Astrology says that the love match of a MithunRasi (Gemini) woman and a SimhaRasi (Leo) man has good chances of compatibility. They like meeting strangers and love going to parties. She will love his funny sense of humor while he will admire her for her adventurous zeal. This relationship will be filled with romance and passion. To maintain the compatibility of this relationship they will have to complement each other and never stand on the opposite side of the road, whatever might be the temptation.


MithunRasi (Gemini)-KanyaRasi (Virgo) Compatibility


Astrology says that both MithunRasi (Gemini) and KanyaRasi (Virgo) individuals are intellectual and practical. Their compatibility is strengthened by the good rapport which the duo will share more precisely at an intellectual level. However, compatibility problems may creep in due to misunderstanding brought up by pent up feelings. This love match has chances of sustaining the compatibility provided MithunRasi (Gemini) teaches KanyaRasi (Virgo) to be passionate and KanyaRasi (Virgo) brings stability to the nature of MithunRasi (Gemini).

Compatibility of MithunRasi (Gemini) Man and KanyaRasi (Virgo) Woman

The love birds of this love match can have a blissful take off. The compatibility of this love match will be backed by their mutual understanding. Same thoughts will strike their minds at the same moment. But, a long term flight of this compatibility will be supported by adjustments. His flirtatious nature will fuel her jealousy. Her constant advice may annoy him and make him feel trapped. MithunRasi (Gemini) Man has to control his flirtatious tendencies and KanyaRasi (Virgo) woman has to give the MithunRasi (Gemini) man his own space.

Compatibility of MithunRasi (Gemini) Woman and KanyaRasi (Virgo) Man

The love match of a MithunRasi (Gemini) woman and a KanyaRasi (Virgo) man will gain advantage by their ability to understand each other’s feelings and thoughts, mainly about the external world. MithunRasi (Gemini) Woman and KanyaRasi (Virgo) Man have an intellectual approach to life. But, their approaches are different resulting in arguments. The best way to keep the compatibility fire fueled is by being honest with each other and learn to respect each other’s opinions. They should find ways to balance his critical nature and her tactlessness.


MithunRasi (Gemini)-Tula Rasi (Libra) Compatibility


MithunRasi (Gemini)ans and Tula Rasi (Libra)ns have a gregarious nature. A Tula Rasi (Libra)n is highly considerate towards loved ones. This is one of the strengths of this love match. They are likely to agree on each and everything. The understanding which they share leaves no room for words between them. A MithunRasi (Gemini)an will be drenched in the deep passion of a Tula Rasi (Libra)n. Boredom will never encroach upon the compatibility of this love match as both of them are extremely intellectual.

Compatibility of MithunRasi (Gemini) Man and Tula Rasi (Libra) Woman

This love match is an ideal one on the astrology chart because of their amazing chemistry. The compatibility of this love match comes from her passion and constant need to be balanced. She will be attracted by his outgoing nature which will gel well with her gregarious nature. He will attract her with his conversational skills and adventurous personality. The only hitch in this relationship is that they both will have trouble taking decisions.

Compatibility of MithunRasi (Gemini) Woman and Tula Rasi (Libra) Man

This love match shares the qualities of being very imaginative. MithunRasi (Gemini) Woman is very sociable and Tula Rasi (Libra) Man is wild. He is filled with passion and his romantic nature naturally amuses her. The strength of the compatibility between a MithunRasi (Gemini) woman and Tula Rasi (Libra) man comes from the fact that they respect each other’s freedom and never get too clingy. The only thing which this love match needs to do is to regulate the money department as both are very liberal at spending money.


MithunRasi (Gemini)-VrishschikaRasi (Scorpio) Compatibility


MithunRasi (Gemini)ans are brilliant and enthusiatic but cannot stand jealousy and vengeful behavior. They love and enjoy to be seen in social settings and VrishschikaRasi (Scorpio)ns on the other hand are secretive and seek privacy. MithunRasi (Gemini)ans are self-centered, careless and diplomatic; VrishschikaRasi (Scorpio)ns are jealous, possessive, and dominant. Both are almost opposite in their deeds and actions. The match has to struggle a lot to keep the relationship on track.

Compatibility of MithunRasi (Gemini) Man and VrishschikaRasi (Scorpio) Woman

A VrishschikaRasi (Scorpio) woman will be captivated by the brilliance and zeal of a MithunRasi (Gemini) man. He will be attracted by her passion and loyalty. If both the zodiac signs mix together the results can be fantastic. But due to their negative aspects as jealousy and overdemanding behavior ( of a VrishschikaRasi (Scorpio) woman), impatience and incosistency (of a MithunRasi (Gemini) man), they may create obstacles for themselves. Ganesha insists that if they try to figure-out the pit-falls and then the chances of their, remaining together may increase.

Compatibility of MithunRasi (Gemini) Woman and VrishschikaRasi (Scorpio) Man

The match is not meant for either of them because a VrishschikaRasi (Scorpio) man has lots of expectations from her which may not be possible for a MithunRasi (Gemini) woman to fufill. There may be some infatuation for each other in the beginning but the relatinship cannot be dragged far-off considerng this only factor. A MithunRasi (Gemini) woman is reckless and carefree which is intolerable by a VrishschikaRasi (Scorpio) man and he is very suspicious and jealous which a MithunRasi (Gemini) woman always dislikes.


MithunRasi (Gemini)-DhanushRasi (Sagittarius) Compatibility


MithunRasi (Gemini)ans and a Sagittarians are restless and prone to arguments. They find it hard to stick to a place or a person for too long. However, a Sagittarian loves to involve in a cause but a MithunRasi (Gemini)an neither has energy nor time for it. A MithunRasi (Gemini)an takes life as it comes whereas a Sagittarian is much more philosophical about life. But the compatibility will not face any severe problems as both Sagittarians and MithunRasi (Gemini)ans are quite flexible and adaptable.

Compatibility of MithunRasi (Gemini) Man and DhanushRasi (Sagittarius) Woman

The initial attraction of this love match will come from their gregarious personality, outgoing nature and independent spirit. MithunRasi (Gemini) man and DhanushRasi (Sagittarius) woman like to visit new places. The physical chemistry between a MithunRasi (Gemini) Man and a DhanushRasi (Sagittarius) woman is powerful. The problems in compatibility crop up from his intellectual approach towards life and her desire for that cozy nest for home. Bad mood will give rise to sarcasm and bad temper in both of them.

Compatibility of MithunRasi (Gemini) Woman and DhanushRasi (Sagittarius) Man

MithunRasi (Gemini) Woman and DhanushRasi (Sagittarius) Man have a sharp intellect and love to involve in conversations which are meaningful. Both have an outgoing nature which gels fun in their life. DhanushRasi (Sagittarius) man may feel insecure due to the flirtatious tendencies of the MithunRasi (Gemini) woman. Lack of demonstration in relationship may lead to compatibility problems. A MithunRasi (Gemini) woman’s mind will be filled with grand dreams and vision which a DhanushRasi (Sagittarius) man very well fuels. The compatibility of this love match can be ushered in by adjustments from both the parties.


MithunRasi (Gemini)-MakaraRasi (Capricorn) Compatibility


This love match is affected by the clash of MithunRasi (Gemini)an’s impulsive nature with MakaraRasi (Capricorn)ian’s calm approach. A MakaraRasi (Capricorn) individual is very circumspect in all tasks while it seems a tiresome task for a MithunRasi (Gemini) individual to follow rules. A MithunRasi (Gemini)an may not stick to anything monotonous whereas a MakaraRasi (Capricorn)ian will continue to strive even if the journey seems dull. The compatibility of this relationship can gain momentum if MithunRasi (Gemini)an learns to take things seriously and in turn MakaraRasi (Capricorn)ian masters the art of including fun in life.

Compatibility of MithunRasi (Gemini) Man and MakaraRasi (Capricorn) Woman

A MakaraRasi (Capricorn) woman gets amazed by MithunRasi (Gemini) man’s quick wit and explosive flow of ideas. A MakaraRasi (Capricorn) woman’s soft heart may get injured by MithunRasi (Gemini) man’s flirt nature. She tries to find her small world of love filled with loyalty and trust but he goes the other way due to unbridled freedom seeking nature. Her enduring character may not match well with his impulsive nature. To make the compatibility spark MithunRasi (Gemini) man can teach her to be flexible while reigning in his flirtatious tendencies.

Compatibility of MithunRasi (Gemini) Woman and MakaraRasi (Capricorn) Man

A MithunRasi (Gemini) woman is over adventurous and a MakaraRasi (Capricorn) man is conservative. She will respect his determination for his aim and he will be amused by her zealous nature. Astrology does not predict this match as a very good one. He will dislike her daring nature. She will not like a guy who debars her from engaging in adventurous tasks. To make this match attract compatibility in the relationship, both have to make an effort to understand and respect each other’s approach towards life.


MithunRasi (Gemini)-KumbhaRasi (Aquarius) Compatibility


Astrologically speaking, in this love match an Aquarian is fond of a MithunRasi (Gemini)’s sense of humor. The compatibility of this relationship is strengthened by their similar outlook in life. A MithunRasi (Gemini)an will adore the creativity of an Aquarian, who will in turn revere a MithunRasi (Gemini)an’s independence. But, their unpredictable nature can invite some problems in the compatibility arena. An Aquarian will have to master the art of romance to keep up MithunRasi (Gemini)an’s passion up to the brim.

Compatibility of MithunRasi (Gemini) Man and KumbhaRasi (Aquarius) Woman

This match can be truly called a love match. They appreciate the qualities in each other. Both MithunRasi (Gemini) Man and KumbhaRasi (Aquarius) woman love change and variety. They both are intellectual and love to engage in conversations which are meaningful. Holding each other’s hands they will explore new vistas and find each other’s company very thrilling. A MithunRasi (Gemini) Man and KumbhaRasi (Aquarius) Woman share a great physical chemistry. They both will not only be good partners but also good friends.

Compatibility of MithunRasi (Gemini) Woman and KumbhaRasi (Aquarius) Man

A MithunRasi (Gemini) woman and anKumbhaRasi (Aquarius) man love adventures. They do not like making plans and sticking to rules and regulations. Their compatibility is further strengthened by their desire for more variety in life. KumbhaRasi (Aquarius) man is the one who can cope up with a MithunRasi (Gemini) woman. They do not yield to the help of words to know their partner’s thoughts and feelings as they understand each other in a perfect manner. They both are moved and inspired by each other.


MithunRasi (Gemini)-MeenaRasi (Pisces) Compatibility


The thing which powers the compatibility of this relationship is their resilience. Both are open to new notions and opinions. They have a get set go attitude towards adjustments. The traits which harm the compatibility of this love match is the emotional nature of the Piscean and uncaring nature of the MithunRasi (Gemini)an. A Piscean is quixotic and is always in a never never land and a MithunRasi (Gemini)an thinks practically. This love match can sweep out compatibility problems if MithunRasi (Gemini)an learns to be sensitive and Piscean thinks practically.

Compatibility of MithunRasi (Gemini) Man and MeenaRasi (Pisces) Woman

The love match of MithunRasi (Gemini) man and MeenaRasi (Pisces) woman cannot be called as the perfect one. A MithunRasi (Gemini) man will be prone to change. His likes will change with the passage of time. What he loves today he may not love tomorrow and it is this negative trait which damages the compatibility. A Piscean woman cherishes someone who cares for her, loves and protects her while the MithunRasi (Gemini) man has nothing called emotional bonding in his dictionary. On a positive side MeenaRasi (Pisces) woman can use her persuasion power to set things right.

Compatibility of MithunRasi (Gemini) Woman and MeenaRasi (Pisces) Man

The passion of a MeenaRasi (Pisces) man may magnetize a MithunRasi (Gemini) woman. After a few happy days differences may surface. A MeenaRasi (Pisces) man finds it too difficult to express his feelings whereas a MithunRasi (Gemini) Woman can easily express her thoughts. Her sharp tongue and blunt nature may lacerate his sensitive heart. In order to make this relationship work, MithunRasi (Gemini) woman has to shower love and affection on him so that he opens up and expresses his feeling. He should extend his conversations to strengthen their compatibility.


మిధున రాశి


పూజించా వలసిన దేవుడు     :    విష్ణు మూర్తి
అదృష్ట రంగు                         :     ఆకుపచ్చ
సరిపడని రంగు                      :     ఎరుపు
అదృష్ట దిక్కు                          :      ఉత్తరము
అదృష్ట రత్నము                      :      జాతిపచ్చ
బరువు క్యారెట్లు                       :      5 క్యారెట్లు
పనికి రాని వారము                  :     ఆదివారము, మంగళవారము
అదృష్ట వారము                        :    బుధవారము
రత్నము దరించ వలసిన వ్రేలు   :    చిటికెన
దర్శించ వలసిన దేవలలయము  :      విష్ణు దేవాలయము
గ్రహతత్వము                            :      భూ


మేషరాశి స్వభావం  :-

బేసిరాసి, చరరాశి మరియు అగ్నితత్త్వరాశి, రాశి చిహ్నం గొర్రె, తీవ్రత శక్తి, దృఢత్వం, అచంచలమైన నిశ్చయం, సాహసం వీరి లక్షణములు. తీవ్రతే కాకమూర్ఖత్వం కూడా ఉండును. ఆవేశంగా ముక్కుసూటిగా ప్రవర్తించుటయే గాని ఆలోచించుట ఉండదు.పది మందిని కూడగట్టుకుని నాయకత్వం వహించుట వీరి ముఖ్య లక్షణం. లక్ష్యసాధనలోవీరెంతటి త్యాగమునకైన వెనుదీయరు.
వీరు స్వతంత్ర అభిప్రాయాలు కలవారు. వీరుస్వాతంత్ర్యమునకు ఎవరైనను ఆటంకము కల్గించిన, ఆ పనిని పూర్తిగా వదిలేయుదురు.. వీరినిస్వతంత్రముగా వదిలినచో, నిర్దుష్టమైన పథకములతో దేనినైననూ సాధించగలరు. ఇట్టి విజయంవీరిలో అహంకారం, నిర్లక్ష్యం, మూర్ఖత్వాలను పెంచి వీరి పతనమునకు కారణమగును. ఇవే కాకవీరు పొగడ్తలకు లొంగే స్వభావం కలవారు. పొగడ్తలకు వీరు లోనుకాకుండా జాగ్రత్తగా వున్నజీవితములో రాణించెదరు.వీరి శరీరముశక్తివంతమైనది. యుద్ధరంగమున ఎక్కువగా రాణించెదరు. పెద్ద పెద్ద వ్యాపార సంస్థలునిర్వహించుట వీరికి చాలా సులభము. చక్కటి సంభాషణా చాతుర్యం వాగ్ధాటి ఉంటాయి. వీరు తమసంభాషణా చాతుర్యంతో వేలాదిప్రజలను కూడగట్టుకుని ఉన్నతమైన కార్యములు సాధించగలరు.వీరిని అనుసరించువారు వీరికి విధేయులై ఎంతటి దుష్కర, కష్టతర కార్యములకైననూసిద్ధపడుదురు.
ఆలోచన చేయుట వీరికి అయిష్టము. మనస్సులో తట్టినఏ భావమునైననూ కార్యరూపమున పెట్టనిదే విడిచిపెట్టరు. క్రమశిక్షణ అమలులో కఠినముగాఉండెదరు. అందువల్ల, వీరిక్రింద పనిచేయువారు వీరి యెడల భయముతో ప్రవర్తించెదరే గానినిజమైన అభిమానముతో ప్రవర్తింపరు. వేరు కుటుంబములో కూడా ఇదే విధంగా ప్రవర్తించుట వలనవీరి పిల్లలు వీరి వృద్ధాప్యమున వీరినెదిరించెదరు. నాయకత్వమజు వహించుట, ఇతరులనునడిపించుట వీరి ముఖ్యలక్షణం.వీరిలోనినిత్యనూతనశక్తినిర్మాణాత్మకపథకములుత్పన్నమగును.కాని వీరి నిర్లక్ష్యము వీరి శత్రువు. ఇతరుల ప్రవర్తనకు తగినట్లుగా ప్రవర్తించులౌక్యము లేకపోవుట వలన అతి సులభముగా మోసపోవు అవకాశము కలదు. వీరుకార్యవదులు.
వీరి హృదయము దయ, కరుణాపూరితము, ఎవరి యందైననూవిపరీతమైన ప్రేమ లేక కోపము ఉండును గాని మధ్యేమార్గము ఉండదు. ఇతరులను ఎంత గాఢముగాప్రేమింతురో, అంతే ప్రేమ వారు చూపనప్పుడు అంత ఎక్కువగానే బాధపడుదురు. అందువలణఅనారోగ్యమునకు మానసిక ఆందోళనకు గురి అగుదురు.
నిర్ణయములు చేయుట యందు వీరి ఆవేశమేప్రాధాన్యత వహించును గాని వివేకము కాదు. దీనివలన అనేక అపజయములు (ఓటములు) ఎదుర్కొనవలసి ఉండును. వీరు నాస్తికులు కాకపోయినను, చాందసత్వము, ఆచారములు, నచ్చవు. ఈ రాశిలోపుట్టినవారికి నీచగ్రహ వీక్షణ ఉన్నచో మొరటుగా ప్రవర్తించుట, హత్యలు చేయుట, యుద్ధకాంక్ష మొదలగు అసుర (రాక్షస) లక్షణములుండును. ఇటువంటి వారు నాయకులైనచో దేశములోరక్తపాతము, ఘోర యుద్ధములు తప్పవు.
వీరుశారీరకంగా, మానసికంగా శక్తివంతులు, ఉత్సాహవంతులు, అందువలన ఎల్లప్పుడు స్త్రీసాంగత్యము అవసరం. దీనివలననే వృద్ధాప్యమున జీవిత భాగస్వామి చేతిలో కీలుబొమ్మ కాగలరు.యవ్వనమందు పురుషులు స్త్రీలనర్ధం చేసుకోనుటలో పొరపాటున మోసపోవుదురు. వీరికి ప్రేమవివాహములు మంచిది కాదు. వృద్ధాప్యమున కూడా వీరికన్న చాలా చిన్నవయసు యువతివ్యామోహములో పడి జీవితముణ పెద్ద మార్పు తెచ్చుకొను అవకాశం .స్త్రీళ విషయమున నియమము, క్రమశిక్షణతో ప్రవర్తించకపోయినచో అనేక మంచి అవకాశములను పోగొట్టుకొందురు.

వీరి వివాహ జీవితమున క్రమశిక్షణ, వివేకము చాలా అవసరము. ఆవేశమున చేసిన నిర్ణయముల వలన జీవితాంతం వీరుబాధపడుసూచనలున్నవి. చిన్న వయస్సున వివాహం చేసుకొని భార్య యెడల వ్యామోహముతోప్రవర్తించడం జరుగగలదు.

జన్మతః (పుట్టుకతో)వీరు నాయకులు. పోలీసు, యుద్ధ శాఖలలో రాణింతురు. యంత్రములు, ఫ్యాక్టరీలు నిర్వహణ, నడుపుట, పెద్ద వ్యాపార సంస్థలు నడుపుట వీరికి సులభము. ఖనిజములు, వస్తుసామాగ్రి, శాస్త్రచికిత్సా పరికరములు మొదలగు వ్యాపారములు వీరికి లాభదాయకము. రాజకీయములందుసమర్ధులై వ్యవహరించగలరు. వీరియొక్క విపరీత ప్రజ్ఞా పాటవములు వీరికి శత్రువులనుఏర్పరచి, ప్రాణహాని కూడా కలిగించు అవకాశమున్నది. క్రీడలయందు కూడా వీరు రాణింతురు.వీరికి చక్కని దర్శనజ్ఞానముండును. ఇతరుల కొరకై విపరీతముగా అర్జింతురు. అది తనసొంతమునకైనచో విఫలమగుసూచనవీరి ఆందోళన, ఆవేశము, ఆస్థిమితము, అసహనము మొదలైనవి అనారోగ్యమునకు కారణము కాగలదు. వయసు దాటినతరువాత రక్తపోటు (బి.పి) రక్తనాళములు పగులుట, మెదడుకు సంబంధించిన పక్షవాతము కలుగుసూచన. శాస్త్ర చికిత్స తప్పదు.  వీరిలో సహనం, ఓర్పు, వినయం, లౌకికజ్ఞానము వీరు అలవరచుకొన్నచో జీవితమున అపజయమనేదివీరికుండదు.